The Chronicle of The DC, 15Oct23: Shameless, Merciless, Godless

The story below is bad enough. That it occurred in a Jewish state that has become as secularized as any ostensibly Christian one is what prompted my choice of title.

Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign dies of heart attack at age 8

The Death Cultists are shameless, merciless and Godless with clear consciences because they believe they are saving the world from overpopulation.

So don’t ask for mercy in the traditional sense. They believe they are being merciful: for those who survive because of their (monstrous) efforts. It the future humans they claim to be saving. The current billions who are their targets — well that’s just too bad.

The Jewish belief is there is still hope for them if they repent of their evil and strive to make some recompense for their past misdeeds. But they rather simply believe that Christianity is nonsense and they won’t suffer Hell in eternity, so forget trying to get them to repent — even those who are allegedly still Jewish.

And there is something that else that really roasts my hide. This allegedly “Life Site” publication chose to highlight this one criticism:

‘How many more children will die on the golden altar?’

That is more a socialist complaint about profit motive than one about the sanctity of human life that Judaism pioneered and that Christianity, being easier to live with, increased the notion of more universally. So this publication is no better than the rest who refuse to concede that God said DO NOT HARM THE CHILDREN! beginning in Genesis 22 at the very peak of mount Zion.

I cannot begin to tell you how sickening the behavior of major clerics of all the religions have become. In the United States the number who have been cowed by the qualifications “requested” by IRS code 501(c)1 in order to keep donations and properties tax free are the real golden altar that keeps them silent.

It is the lay individuals, mostly Christian, who fight the sacrifice of children. They have earned my praise.

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    • OneGuy on October 16, 2023 at 2:48 PM

    Make no mistake, part of the reason that they don’t want Jordan as speaker.  There are a lot of secrets they don’t want exposed and Jordan leans a little too far to the right so they fear he might actually investigate things that they don’t want investigated.   They, the Democrats and a lot of Republicans bought by big business, want to have mass immigration to get cheap labor and dilute the middle class.  Very few politicians  put America and Americans first.  The 2024 election is going to decide everything for our future.  We need to shake up congress and elect Trump.  But I suspect by now everything is fixed and we have already lost our country.

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