After Some Time to Think About It…

…I’m growing more suspicious about those “burned babies”.

Now, in some ways, I’m your average person. My FIRST response to the thought of an atrocity – against women or children – is to fire up the emotional burners to REVENGE!

But, I am NOT in favor of getting involved in YAP-FoW – Yet Another Pointless Foreign War – in more than any SLIGHT agreement for facilitating with purchase or transport of weapons. Note, that is NOT financing the guns – that’s their responsibility – nor is it physically ferrying them.

I’m not in favor of ANYTHING that entangles us in ANY foreign wars or puts American citizens in danger. I also believe that any person/business/NGO heading out of the USA for more than a short vacation needs to have a ‘Come to Jesus’ discussion with the State Department about their proposed activities in other countries, that includes the government making it clear that they will be on their own (with signed, notarized legal agreements) that lay out the terms:

  • The traveler(s) will be expected to comply with all rules, laws, and customs in the countries they visit. Failure to do so will result in, at BEST, quiet negotiation for their release, coupled with PERMANENT removal of their passport, should they be permitted to return to the USA.
  • If any business or NGO engages in political/cultural interference in a foreign country, any consequences will be on THEM. No exceptions. Their business/NGO may ask for quiet assistance in reducing the penalties/sentences, but ALL costs of that activity will be born by the organizations. The same with bribes – THEY have to manage the process themselves.
  • The agreements will acknowledge that they have been warned about the social customs/laws of said countries, that the safe thing to do is NOT consume alcohol or drugs, or engage in sex acts with locals, and that – should they decide to ignore that advice, it’s THEIR problem.

That should cover probably 90% or more of the problems caused by idiots in foreign places. For that matter, it’s not bad advice for those traveling in parts of this country with different cultural expectations.

As for foreign wars, there is no upside to our getting involved, whether that is direct financial assistance, agreements to support/defend any country (other than PERHAPS Mexico or Canada – that truly IS a legitimate concern, should they be attacked), or some nebulous principle.

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    • Evil Franklin on October 17, 2023 at 12:12 PM

    If you’re a U.S. citizen or representative; a businessman or NGO representative and visiting a foreign country the chances of meeting the grim reaper is greater than zero.
    To those that engage in combat: I’ll be watching from the cheap seats. You’re on your own.

    Evil Franklin

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