I Think That I Shall Never See…

     …a better condensation of my attitude toward airliners than this:

     Nervous of flying? Don’t be. As long as 2 million parts in a plane work perfectly while traveling at close to the speed of sound as sharp metal blades rotate at supersonic speeds in temperatures of -65 degrees 7 miles above the earth surface, you’ll be just fine. Enjoy the in flight movie…

     Applause to Diogenes Sarcastica.

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  1. I had a brother in law who used to work for Boeing. At one point, he waxed poetic on the science that kept planes in the air. “Dave, it’s all a myth. Planes are held up by ropes that we tie off to the top of the plane.” When I asked him what the other end of the rope was tied to, he just shrugged.

    Makes about as much sense as anything.

    Helicopters are worse. Helicopters are a bunch of parts going round and round, surrounded by other parts going up and down, all of them trying to become random in motion.

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