Once again, we all knew the narrative was garbage

Saint George Floyd of Fentanyl wasn’t killed by the cops, and the four police officers that are currently in jail for his death were wrongly convicted for political reasons.

A former Hennepin County, Minnesota, prosecutor is suing her employer, alleging that she was a victim of sex discrimination and retaliation. That’s par for the course. Hennepin County is entirely Democrat, and Democrats don’t always feel obligated to follow their loudly stated rules. The reason Amy Sweasy’s lawsuit matters to us is because George Floyd died in Hennepin County…and depositions in Sweasy’s case make it very clear that the prosecutors always knew that Derek Chauvin and the other three police did not kill George Floyd:

George Floyd died because he had severe heart disease and he swallowed his stash of drugs which lead to an overdose. And why did he swallow his stash? Because he tried to pass a clearly counterfeit $20 bill, which lead to a shopkeeper calling the cops. And when the cops got there, they were surrounded by feral humans with cellphone cameras. George Floyd’s death was assured at that point. The drugs were in his system, and his body couldn’t handle the stress of that OD.

George Floyd was a stupid, feral human, a drug abuser, a thug and a criminal. His greatest act up to that point was to shove the barrel of a pistol into the stomach of a pregnant woman and threaten her life. And yet, thanks to the political narrative that the Democrats used to stir up hatred in this country, he’s lionized by the Left. There are murals and statues to this man, this pathetic waste of oxygen, while cops who did nothing wrong rot in jail.. I imagine that Derek Chauvin’s lawyers are going to be very interested in these depositions.

Were I an officer of the law in or around Minneapolis, I would leave. Immediately. I would find a new department to work for somewhere else, anywhere else. City PD, Sherriff’s department, State Patrol, anywhere that would offer me a job, I would take it and leave Minneapolis to rot. The city had proven that the truth no longer matters to the politicians running the shit show. All it takes is one negative interaction with feral humans of a certain skin color, and you could possibly spend the rest of your life in jail for a crime that you did not commit, all while the ferals burn the city down around themselves. Time to go. That’s not modern civilization. That’s a city that has essentially travelled backwards in time where the feudal lords determine what the truth is, and how justice should play out. And they’ve done it to themselves. They voted for this. All the Democrats screech about “muh democracy”, and they’ve gotten what they wanted in Minneapolis. They’ve gotten exactly what they voted for.

And that means it’s time to leave, if you are a sane human.


    • liberty on October 24, 2023 at 1:25 PM

    Grew up in Minneapolis in the 60’s and 70’s, what a great city back then! Left in 2013 thinking it was getting pretty bad, but the extent of the decline has been breathtaking. 
    This video https://twitter.com/EndWokeness/status/1716310688568647859 documents an pro-Hamas riot in downtown Minneapolis Oct 22 (around 1:40 is the most interesting part).  There is clearly a well organized element in play here, but I am left speechless that the local newspaper (www.startribune.com) does not consider this news. Zero coverage. 

    • George Mckay on October 24, 2023 at 7:43 PM

    Sadly the media will bury this.  We must keep up the fire – loud and long.  There are platforms that care about truth and justice.  
    When this case came to light I strongly suspected he was not “murdered” and likely drugs were involved.  His deification was inevitable as the left cannot lose such a golden opportunity.  The phony riots are all on the left and Blood Loot and Murder is their implement.  I want to rant on this but, you all know what needs to be done.  
    Remember that elections are not the only answer.  In fact they are a relatively minor part.  With the NY Slimes having to eat shit over the Hamass hospital missile mess and all the other lies proven as such the entire leftist media are dying.  Alternate media such as this site and many other great sources like Real America News and even Blaze TV are a couple of examples.  Blaze is removing all ads from their website so advertisers have no say in content.  These and others are our future.  Participating in not only elections and vote counting are paramount in getting some sane leaders in place.  Perhaps there is saving this Republic in our future…..else 1984 is our future and we are all Winston or Armageddon is our lot.  Either way it is up to us.

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