What’s Next – The School Choosing Your Mate?

In Miami, the teacher shortage is so acute (and chronic) that one system built a school with the top floor reserved for teacher housing.


So, in a relatively insular environment, you will be housed with co-workers for your neighbors, in ONE-bedroom apartments. Nothing confining about that.

Say, doesn’t that remind you of the “Convenient” housing Apple does for THEIR Captive Workers in China?

Talk about the Ultimate Company Housing!

Note that this is NOT housing for families, nor for co-workers that might want to room together.

No, this is ONE prisoner to a cell housing.

If co-workers date, then break up, this could be a Recipe for Madness. Work with your ex, Live in the same small environment with your ex, and – probably – shop/work out/socialize in that same constrained environment.

Foreign teachers might not object; many of them have similar experiences in their home countries. But, I cannot see American workers putting up with this.

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    • John in Indy on November 20, 2023 at 9:33 PM

    Many years ago (1980s) New Orleans Charity Hospital couldn’t get RNs to work there because it was too dangerous to commute or live near there.
    They took a parking lot, fenced it in, and put the living quarters from an offshore gas production platform there, and employed nurses 7  x 12 hour days on, living, eating, and laundry provided, then having 7 days off.
    It cost them 44 hours of overtime each week, but it got them the people they needed. 
    I do not see how it would work for an every-day employee.

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