Sorry, my give-a-damn is busted

So for those who don’t know, I spent three and a half years in Los Angeles courtesy of Uncle Sam and USAREC. Three and a half years drowning in one of the most “progressive” cities/counties in the country, with all the joyful accoutrements that one would expect from such a place, i.e. public defecation in the parks, random screaming homeless people, homeless encampments, all the various and sundry types of crime, hookers and johns outside my backyard wall, yada yada umptifratz.

I also got my fill of the Democrat mantras and mindsets, especially towards anyone they consider a “minority”.

And, as the tie-in to this article, I got to see one of the most solid voting blocks for the Democrat Party, the liberal Jews. The San Fernando Valley was nick-named “Obama’s Checkbook” because of the sheer amount of money that poured into his campaign coffers from the various businesspeople there. And yes, a huge amount of them were Jewish. There was a Jewish theological college in the area, and it wasn’t unusual to see Orthodox Jewish families walking to their temple on Saturdays dressed in their worship clothing. The film industry is chock-full of Jewish artists or financiers, and hundreds of other positions that the Jewish community seemed to enjoy. All that Jewish money, flowing into Democrat pockets.

The thing is, eventually the people who the Jews kept funding and voting for were going to clash with the Jews themselves. And lo and behold:

But it was modern-day Los Angeles on Friday night, the second night of Hanukkah, when a mob marched through a largely Jewish neighborhood chanting death threats to Jews.

According to StopAntisemitism, the mob also defaced several buildings, including synagogues. 

Obviously the Jewish population of Los Angeles is feeling rather frightened right now. And I can understand how they feel. However, at the moment, knowing what I know about their political party and where they send their money and effort, the only words I can think of right now is “You voted for this”.

I’m somewhat younger than our esteemed host, so perhaps he remembers a time when politics were not so vile and poisonous. But for my entire adult life, pointing out facts and truth has been met with calls of me being a hater, a nazi, a bigot a something-phobe, a moron, equivalent to both Hitler and the KKK, unwelcome in modern society, and to be shunned as unclean.

Back in 2002, when George W. CHIMPYMCBUSHITLER was talking about taking out Saddam, the anti-war protests always featured a sign depicting the Jews as vampires, or Israel as a blood-sucking leech with a large hooked nose, typically with fist-fulls of money. There was a blogger, who if I recall was named “Zombie Pundit” who hailed from the Bay Area, and he took copious amounts of photos of the anti-war protests. Amongst all the hatred towards conservatives and Bush and the military, there was always anti-semitism. It flourished in the Democrat party, and has for decades. The same Democrat party the Jews supported near-unanimously was the party that seemed to think that Zyclon-B and gas chambers were fine ideas.

When I pointed that out, especially to Democrat Jews, I was verbally attacked. My character was besmirched, my integrity was questioned, my name was sullied and my intelligence was demeaned. All for simply pointing out reality.

When I pointed out that their Lord God King and Messiah, Barry O’Bumblefuck, hated Jews and hated Israel, I was called a racist among other names. And if you think me calling Obama their Lord God King and Messiah is a little over the top, just keep in mind that black children were being taught to worship Obama in both song and dance while in elementary school, and the Cult of Obama had his face on EVERYTHING from bags to shirts to Christmas cards. Where do you think the Trump people learned it from? I’m not big into political cults, although if Trump did away with most of the three-letter agencies after his election in 2024 I might join one.

Time and time again, people on the Right side of the political spectrum have been attacked for simply pointing out facts and realities, such as the Jews were voting for people who hate them and wouldn’t give a damn if every Jew disappeared tomorrow. There is no Squad on the GOP side. No Rashida Tlaib, no Ilhan “Bro-Fo” Omar, no Squeaky McBigtits aka the World’s Dumbest Bartender, no bald black woman screaming hatred of the Jews. That’s found on the Democrat side of the aisle, where the Jews send most damn near all of their political money.

So now when Jews in Los Angeles cower behind their doors as hoards of anti-Semitic barbarians march and scream and vandalize, all I can think to myself is “This is what you voted for“.

You voted for the Islamists to be brought into your community. You paid for the anti-Semitic politicians to get elected. You voted for the policies that allowed Jew hatred to flourish. You made it possible for feral humans to gain control of your city, and you sat back and attacked anyone who pointed our these facts. You sneered at us and demeaned us as we begged you not to pull the trigger of the shotgun you had aimed at your foot.

You. Voted. For. This.

There’s no fixing this. There’s no going back to the peaceful time when Jews didn’t have to hide the things that identified them as Jewish. There’s no cleansing that’s going to stop the barbarians from rampaging on through Lost Angeles. What’s done is done, and America, especially California, doesn’t have the political or emotional willpower to do what needs to be done to fix their state. They’re too weak, or they’re too drugged-out, or they’re too cowardly, or they’re too ignorant to actually fix things. Things are going to get worse before they get worse, and all I can think or say as I watch civilization crumble is that you voted for this. All I can do is try to make sure that my sphere of influence doesn’t suffer the same fate as yours, and I can pray that the horrible reality that you’re slowly awakening to might stiffen up your spine and give you a clue-by-four across the head when you next step into a voting booth.

But I’m all out of sympathy at the moment.


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    • Steve on December 11, 2023 at 2:28 PM

    They created a golem and now it’s off their leash, now you have an idea of how the rest of us feel.

  1. You’d think they couldn’t fail to see the connection, but Jews can suffer from selective blindness and willful stupidity, just like anyone else. Cf. Weimar Germany.

    • Scott on December 11, 2023 at 6:28 PM

    Well bless there heart, they are the ones that did it to them self like you said.    It amazes my grown children that when you point out the truth you are considered at hater or a what ever. But it don’t change the fact of what is true and it remains same just like old Johnny Paycheck  said in his song years ago 
    “”I guess it’s ’cause the truth Is the hardest thing I ever faced’Cause you can’t change the truthIn the slightest way, I tried”””
    and it’s true and always will be , no matter how much you chew it , it is still hard to swallow what you bring on yourself 

    • John in Indy on December 11, 2023 at 11:30 PM

    For centuries, the Jewish solution to their otherness within society has always been to pay or otherwise support the government of the countries they were in, from the usually limited occupations open to them, in hopes that when the wolves raged, that they would eat them last.
    That usually hasn’t worked out for the Jews, but they keep trying it. When the wolves come, they usually eat more than just the Jews, and usually destroy the society and economy as well.
    As recognizable, but civilized, outsiders who are a part of a society, Jews are the canary in the coal mine. If the mob is coming after them now openly, they are coming for the rest of us soon. 
    I distinguish them from Islamics, whom I do not consider to be a part of Civilization, as they do not accept non-Islamics except as slaves.
    Yes, I have read enough of their history and books to be certain of my choices and attitude.

  2. Many of them seem to be discovering the importance of the Second Amendment, and are actually purchasing firearms.  There has always been a subset of Jewry who support it, such as the Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership: 
    They are probably realizing that you need more than just political protection, and the political winds can shift at any time when it’s expedient.
    Some of my thoughts concerning the 2A:

    • Nitzakon on December 13, 2023 at 8:56 PM

    As an American Jew – who describes himself as not Republican because they’re too liberal – I can relate to the above. BOY can I relate.

    Time and time and time (repeat as many times as you see fit) I have attempted to point out the absolute follow of our collective allegiance to the D vote.

    I know several political conservatives at my shul, but we’re few and far between. Alas.

    The only explanation that makes sense to me is Evan Sayet’s “Plopping Jew” video:

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