Personal Update

I’ve been struggling for many weeks with a respiratory infection. Yesterday, when I went to my new doctor, he immediately ordered me to the emergency room.

I’ve been increasingly fatigued, congested and, as of this weekend, breathless. The ER checked me out, prescribed antibiotics and a medication to reduce coughing (I’d been spending most of my nights getting in and out of bed, due to inability to stop coughing). I am to continue my asthma meds.

I was home last, not coughing so much, which did help me get some sleep. I’m a little less tired.

today, I’m mostly going to rest, try to catch up on household tasks as I can, and heal.

if the new meds work, I should be feeling much better by the weekend.


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    • OneGuy on January 10, 2024 at 9:55 AM

    About 6 years ago I got the same thing.  Thought I was dying.  One of the prescriptions my doctors gave me was a 5 day steriod treatment.  It was early afternoon and the doctor told me to take the 1st day’s worth of pills starting right then and not wait until the next day.  By 6 pm I was felling 99% better.  In four hours my symptoms were almost totally gone.  I never felt sick again during the entire 5 days of the steriod treatment.  Amazing!  I have asked a few times since then if I could get the steriods when I got the flu or pneumonia and every time the doctors were unwilling to prescribe.  They acted like it wouldn’t help and they simply weren’t interested in prescribing it.  So for what it’s worth next time ask about it.  I’m not saying it cured me, I’m sure the antibiotics eventually did that.  What it did for me was relieve the symptoms and gave me strength and ability to rest.  

    • Chris on January 10, 2024 at 11:29 AM

    Feel better fair lady!

    • John Fisher on January 10, 2024 at 2:17 PM

    Take care of yourself first Linda!

  1. One Guy – the only trouble with supplying steroids for multiple infections/illnesses is that there is a side effect of weakening bones. After multiple instances of steroids for asthma, I have osteopenia (precursor of osteoporosis). Which is why the doctors are reluctant to prescribe them for any illness when you’re not on the verge of death, or if the illness has resisted all other means of healing.

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