How about a new plan?

Drooling Joe Biden and his puppet masters admit that what they’re doing isn’t working, but they’re going to continue doing it anyway.

Joe Biden admitted the US’s strikes on Houthi forces in the Red Sea are “not working” but will continue.

The US President has authorised five rounds of attacks on the Houthi movement’s infrastructure since last Thursday.

Here’s my idea, and they can have it for free because I’m such a nice guy.

You take a video of US servicemembers walking all over the Houthi “statement” It’s kinda like their flag, It looks like this:


It has statements in satanic script Arabic on it that reads:

Allah is the greatest

Death to America

Death to Israel

A curse upon the Jews

Victory to Islam

Now here’s what you do. You get that made up as a really large flag. Like, twenty feet tall or around there. And then you have an entire division of US Army Soldiers march across that bastard. Lay it on the ground at Ft. Bragg and just have the 82nd Airborne march over it until it’s covered in mud. And then, since we’re being such nice guys, we’ll rinse off the mud by having anyone who wants to help, piss all over that garbage. I bet we could get some people to donate some cases of beer so that we can keep the piss flowing for a good long while. Drink beer, piss on Houthi statement. We’ll drag it out to the cleaning bays where tanks normally get sprayed off and we’ll just piss on it until the satanic script is legible again. And then, because we can’t have that kind of garbage polluting our Army bases, we’ll fucking burn it. Dig a pit, drop that crap into it, lots of JP-8 on top, and light a match. I want those goat-fucking retards with their pedophile prophet to see that crap from the other side of the world, if possible.

Naturally, the violent followers of a pedophile prophet of Satan will be outraged, because they’re always outraged. The last time we did strikes on their little shithole, the streets were filled with people screaming for blood, although in Shitholestan any riot where people scream for blood counts as “Tuesday”. But this time we REALLY want them out in the streets. Wait until they’re damn near stacked on top of each other while they scream in anger.

And then drop a Daisy-cutter on the whole fucking lot of them. There cannot be any peace made with bloodthirsty Satanic barbarians. Mr. Porretto’s post right below this one should make that plain and clear. It would take generations before their children would be able to interact with the civilized world, but only if we get rid of the adults today could that start to happen. Enough is enough. If their statement is that they refuse to exist on the same planet with us, then my statement is that we need to remove them from the planet. I didn’t ask for them to be a bunch of low-IQ, raging, bloodthirsty ferals. Hell, I’m normally a live-and-let-live guy. If they wanted to continue fucking their goats and sacrificing their female children to their satanic prophet I would be sorrowful for where they’ll end up at the end of their short, nasty lives, but I wouldn’t be vengeful or anything like that. However, any time these camel-sodomizing, child raping pieces of shit manage to get their hands on a tiny bit of power, they use it to attack other people, and especially America and Jews. Nah bruh, we’re gonna show you a little something about Fuck Around and Find Out.

Of course, the drooling Chinese Hand Puppet and his puppet masters would never actually follow my advice, because a whole bunch of them hate America and want to see us fail, and the rest are so weak, pathetic, deluded and brainless that they think they can actually work hand in hand with people who want to kill them. More’s the pity. But it’s at least a plan, which is more than Drooling Joe and his puppet masters have.

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    • OneGuy on January 23, 2024 at 3:03 PM

    You got it!  I believe it was Gen Curtis Lemay who said “If you kill enough of them they stop fighting”.   This is what must be done.  These are not people with Western ideals of having a home and children and then grand children and family around the fire place, etc.  Their culture is totally different they dream of killing you and torturing your children and family in front of you and then dying in battle and glory.  You cannot treat them like human beings because they have literally choosen to not be human beings.

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