What Is The Border Patrol’s Job?

     The law in these United States, as in most First World countries – I don’t think there are any exceptions – is that entry to the U.S. must occur at one of our designated ports of entry. There are several such along the American border, and their locales are widely known. Any American consulate in any country will gladly tell you how to make use of one.

     If a non-American attempts to enter the U.S. other than through a port of entry, he is committing a crime. The usual penalty, at least in recent years, has been to “send him back the other way.” However, as noted here, illegal entry is a federally recognized offense with a statutory penalty.

     To the best of my knowledge, Border Patrol officers are supposed to prevent illegal entry, not facilitate it. However, some folks would have it the other way:

     Peter Doocy questioned John Kirby during a White House presser.

     Doocy: Why are you guys making it easier for people to enter the country illegally?
     Kirby: I don’t believe we are. Why do you think we are?
     Doocy: Well, you won in court. So now, what the Border Patrol union president is saying, the Supreme Court’s decision is going to undoubtedly encourage more illegal immigration. Do you guys know better than the Border Patrol union?
     Kirby: The Border Patrol needed access, and that’s why we sued to get rid of that razor wire so that they could do their jobs.

     Applause to Maura Dowling for highlighting this.

     Clearly, no matter how he tries to talk around the issue, John Kirby doesn’t think illegal entry is something to oppose or prevent. The “job” he wants Border Patrol officers doing is facilitating such entries. Illegal entries totaled over a million in 2023. It’s likely to happen even more often this year as the Biden regime faces its ignominious demise.

     There can be no serious doubt that a totally open southern border is what the Bidenites want. The regime ordered the Border Patrol to weld open the gates in the existing wall. The Border Patrol did so. Unwillingly perhaps, though that too is open to dispute.

     The United States is being invaded with the open cooperation of the federal government. If I have to go on from here about the obvious treasonous nature of such a policy, you might not be a regular Gentle Reader of Liberty’s Torch.


    • Drumwaster on January 26, 2024 at 11:30 AM

    The State of Texas used the Constitution to point out that the Feds are mandated to protect the States from invasion, but they left out one important part. Section 1 gives Congress the power to control “naturalization” (the qualifications and requirements to become a citizen), but the only time it mentions “immigration” is in Article 1, Section 9, where Congress is specifically prohibited from limiting immigration to the several States for at least the following decades. (“The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight…”) The implication of that text is that immigration is up to the States to permit (or not), and Congress has no control over what those States choose to do, since their only Constitutional option is to prohibit immigration entirely for that State. (I don’t think Texas would mind such a ban, tbf.)


    That is the ONLY mention of immigration in the Constitution, states that the Federal Government gets no control whatsoever until at least 1808, and the 10th Amendment locks that in, since immigration was never granted as a power to the Feds. Citizens may move from State to State (as established by multiple SCOTUS precedents and English Common Law), but non-citizens don’t qualify, since they need a visa or residency paperwork.


    The solution to the existing illegals is easy. Anyone who wants to apply for taxpayer benefits MUST provide proof of citizenship (mere legal residency doesn’t count). Since US citizens must get a “Real ID” (which requires a birth certificate, and other documents) merely to walk into airports or Federal buildings, it is not a stretch to require that same Real ID on file for any job application, home rental, hotel stay, etc. Anyone who doesn’t have that ID risks mass arrests and a one-way ticket to either their home country or prison, their choice. (Taxing those money payments from the US to Mexico and points south, say 25%, to fund that mass deportation.) Most will leave on their own, once the massive incentives go away.


    We have LOTS of room here for people who really do want a better life. All we have ever asked is that people sign the guest book on the way in through the front door. Anyone who sneaks in a basement window is a criminal, and deserves to be treated as one.

  1. There are no good border patrol agents.

    If they are still employed as such, they are in agreement with biden’s policies.

    They are putting their pensions and paychecks ahead of their sworn duty.

    No quarter.

    • Georgiaboy61 on January 27, 2024 at 2:47 AM

    Much of the so-called “border enforcement” being undertaken today by the federal government is a sham, nothing more than security theater intended to provide the surface appearance of proper enforcement of our laws and status quo normalcy. These things serve to mollify the average person who does not pay all that much attention to the news. They see that “something is being done about the border,” and then relax and go back to sleep or whatever.

    The reality, however, is far different. There is a huge and well-funded (in large part by the U.S. taxpayer) “immigration/refugee resettlement” machine which starts at the UN, goes to the Dept. of State, then down to the local level where churches and non-profits – Catholic Charities, Hebrew International Aid Society, World Council of Churches, etc. – do the rest. Each foreigner a.k.a. “refugee” who is relocated or resettled, results  in a financial payment to the institutions which made it happen.

    The Biden government, in cooperation with the WEF and the globalist oligarchs and billionaires therein, is actively colluding with the Mexican government to thwart borders defenses in Texas and elsewhere. Indeed, the Orwellian-named “Department of Homeland Security” in the U.S. is in direct communication with the Mexicans and U.S. federal immigration authorities are on-hand to welcome the new arrivals and help them avoid apprehension from state authorities.

    This is a giant population replacement scheme, and in plain language, an invasion. Although the “invaders” aren’t carry guns and don’t wear uniforms, make no mistake – this is precisely what is occurring – a massive invasion.

    It is germane to note that in fourth-generation conflict theory, mass flows of unarmed people are considered every bit as dangerous as invading armies which are armed, wear uniforms and fly someone else’s flag. Why? Because whereas the latter sooner or later leave to return to their home nation, the former often are there to stay.

    In other words, these “refugees,” “undocumented workers,” and the like are in reality colonists, invaders and – in plain black-letter law – criminals who are violating our laws. The present political regime in Washington, D.C. is itself in violation of the law, indeed it is committing treason.

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