Politicians And Importance: A Coda

     Politicians are important only because others – people who actually do things – sometimes do their bidding. But what if we were to stop?

     Bidworthy approached to within normal talking distance and asked, “Can you understand me?”
     “Can any person understand another?” inquired the farmer with clear diction.
     Bidworthy found himself afflicted with a moment of confusion. Recovering, he informed hurriedly, “His Excellency the Earth Ambassador wishes to speak with you at once.”
     “Is that so?” The other eyed him speculatively, had another pick at his teeth. “And what makes him excellent?”
     “He is a person of considerable importance,” said Bidworthy, unable to decide whether the other was trying to be funny at his expense or alternatively was what is known as a character. A lot of these long-isolated pioneering types liked to think of themselves as characters.
     “Of considerable importance,” echoed the farmer, narrowing his eyes at the horizon. He appeared to be trying to grasp a completely alien concept. After a while, he inquired, “What will happen to your home world when this person dies?”
     “Nothing,” Bidworthy admitted.
     “It will roll on as before?”
     “Round and round the sun?”
     “Of course.”
     “Then,” declared the farmer flatly, “if his existence or nonexistence makes no difference he cannot be important.”

     [Eric Frank Russell, The Great Explosion ]

     Consider it please, Gentle Readers.


  1. The link caught me off-gaurd,,,   I recall this from “And then there were none” same author,,,

    And I am assuming that you found the same problem I did,,, Links on the net continuously break,,,


    1. “And Then There Were None” was Russell’s original, highly praised novelette, which did include the quoted section. Russell later expanded his tale of Mankind’s diaspora to include other adventures, with the novelette as the concluding segment.

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