Illegal Immigration And Legislation

     Everyone wants to believe that he’s important – that what he does matters to others. If there are exceptions, I have yet to encounter them. It follows that a man will prefer an occupation that appears to provide things of genuine value to others over a trade that, whatever it pays, does little or nothing of the sort. The deep dissatisfaction frequently expressed by people with “make-work” jobs or total sinecures testifies to this motivation.

     Legislators must believe in the importance of legislation. After all, it’s their occupation, for which they’re paid handsomely. Yet no law, in and of itself, has ever altered a man’s behavior. What does that is the imposition of rewards and penalties.

     This exchange between Laura Ingraham and Senator Kevin Cramer highlights the determination of a legislator to focus on legislation to the exclusion of all else:

     Cramer appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the ongoing negotiations between Senate lawmakers attempting to strike a border deal. Ingraham, however, questioned the North Dakota senator on the potential bill, calling out how it appeared to be the “same old trick” with “omnibus spending bills.”


     “[Y]ou actually endorsed Donald Trump, I know, in December, and he is completely against this. He said, ‘look, wait until I get in there. You don’t need all that stuff to do this right,’ and he’s right about that,” Ingraham argued.

     “But you’re saying tonight that, given what’s happen over the last three years, you actually have faith that pieces of paper are going to make Alejandro Mayorkas — who’s about to be impeached by the House, or could be impeached by the House — actually enforce these new provisions when he’s not enforcing the old ones?”

     As politicians will do, Cramer attempted to slide around Ingraham’s point. He must; to do otherwise would be to concede that the existing laws, which already suffice to deal with illegal entry to the U.S., are not being enforced. That would lay bare the nature of the problem: an executive administration that wants the border wide open and will not enforce any law to the contrary.

     The proposed legislation is a huge giveaway to the open-borders advocates. Cramer couldn’t cope with that, either. This supposed conservative Republican must defend his occupation before all other considerations. It’s what makes him matter.

     Tell me again why I should vote for Republicans come November? Strike that: tell me why I should vote at all.

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    • OneGuy on January 28, 2024 at 3:07 PM

    And then of course there is the almost certainty that he is getting something of value by supporting this bill.  Very few Republicans and zero Democrats put America first.  They put their lobbyists first.  They put their personal gain first.  I don’t even think any of this kind of politicians ever thinks “what would be best for America and Americans.   If he isn’t getting some kind of monetary kickback than he is most certainly getting a political payoff that he can turn into a monetary kickback down the road.  Tar and feathers are called for.

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