Some Monitory Words From Stephen Kruiser

     He’s very targeted this morning, and commendably so:

     Election fraud is one of those quintessential hot button 21st century issues where no nuance or real discussion is allowed. You either believe that all Republican hopes of victory going forward are doomed or, according to the doomsayers, you’re in denial. I would love to blame the internet and social media for this, but I believe that people have always been this ridiculous, they just didn’t have as many ways to let us know before.

     Throwing one’s hands in the air and repeating “It’s all rigged!” 24/7 is the path of least resistance for anyone lacking ambitions beyond being a keyboard warrior. Why work a phone bank, knock on doors, or do anything that might affect change when there’s online raging to be done in various comment sections over a bowl of Froot Loops every morning, right?

     In addition to ignoring reality (perennial swing state Florida flipping to solid red between 2018-2022, for example), the “Why vote? It’s all fixed!” crowd is doing the Left’s work for them. The glaring mail-in ballot anomalies in a few very large, traditionally blue cities have the effect of keeping Republicans all over the country at home on election day. Winner, winner, plant-based chicken dinner for the Dems.

     You have to be “in it to win it” – and for us of the hoi polloi, being “in it” equates to volunteer action and voting. Do not throw up your hands and scream that “it’s all rigged.” Sufficient energy and effort on our part can render any degree of cheating pointless: either insufficient or too obvious to be ignored.

     Don’t board the “Froot Loop Sloop.”

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    • OneGuy on January 31, 2024 at 10:21 AM

    What bothers me the most about the massive stolen 2020 election is not so much the 20-25 million stolen or fraudulent votes.  But rather the willing and intentional disregard and choosing to look the other way by literally thousands of public employees and elected officials from both parties who refused to look into it.  It does not surprise me that the Democrats stole the election I believe that is what they have done for over a hundred years; stolen every close election and tried to steal those where they lost.  I am stunned by law enforcement, DA’s, courts/judges and especially our Supremes actively and willingly choosing to look the other way.  And as bad as that is our federal state and local legal system went one step further and chose to go after with the full force of the government anyone who tried to expose this fraud and to encourage the state to look at it.  There are no honest people left in our government!

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