How to lose the support of the average Joe Sixpack.

So, when an Amazon driver has to defend himself from one of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens who was also masturbating in public, you would expect the cops to grab the guy who was pulling his pud on the sidewalk.

Yeah, not so much.

Police arrested Abu and charged him with third-degree assault after Sanchez claimed that Abu had punched him in the face because taking the word of a drunk guy masturbating in public over a delivery guy making his rounds is the only sensible course of action in a place as crazy as New York City.

We’re goose-stepping straight into the “I was only following orders” portion of this particular shitshow. And quite frankly, this is why a whole lot of people have stopped trusting the police. From the stupidity of the Covidiacy, and how cops shut down businesses and towns over “orders” from on high, to whatever the hell this is in NYC, this is how you lose the support of the people around you.

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Expect to self-rescue. Nobody is coming to help you.


    • Drumwaster on February 20, 2024 at 9:07 PM

    There used to be a compact between the State and the citizens, wherein the State claimed a monopoly on violence, promising to protect the innocent and punish the guilty with that power to punish those who violate societal rules, ranging from jaywalking to murder. However, once the State reneges on its side of the “Authority/Responsibility” trade, that power to punish doesn’t go away. It merely reverts back to the ones who (temporarily) granted that power to the bureaucracy. Where there is no appeal, no bail hearing, and no craps given about how our young thief was only trying to improve his life.
    Criminals need to understand that the cops are the only ones protecting them at this point, since if the State is going to prosecute the victim and protect the criminal, it’s gonna be much easier for people to just turn the “he said/she said” dialogue into a monologue. Cops arrest a shopkeeper who was being robbed for daring to defend himself? Cops arrest a couple defending their property from rampaging rioters? Cops arrest a father for shooting a criminal inside his own home at 2 in the morning? Cops arrest a rancher for daring to defend his farm and family from illegals who have already shows they don’t obey laws about boundaries?
    Something that’s going to become AWFULLY popular is the Three S’s: Shoot. Shovel. Shut Up.

  1. They wouldn’t give a flying fig to Joe Six Pack or any working stiff.
    In a speech to the EU Parliament, James Lindsay does an excellent job of explaining how the Marxists have shifted their focus on agitating the worker to agitating the “oppressed” barely human weirdo. He essentially told the tools that he knows what they and their backers have been up to since the 1930’s Critical Theorists began to redesign Marxism so it could work in the West.

    In it he breaks down how the Progs evolved Marxism into the Woke version. He makes suggestions on how to combat it. It seems a lot of it is already in the works. May be worth a bit of your time, that time reduced by listening at double speed while scanning the transcript.

    I apologize. That’s not what I intended to post. It’s not bad, but it’s mostly Marxist History 101, and very little of Lindsay.

    This is the right one, presented with commentary.

    James Lindsay SHATTERS Woke Ideology: EU Parliament Speech

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