Corporate Malfeasance

I think that’s the correct term – normally, it’s applied to public officials, but in the case of a public corporation, I think it’s appropriate.

I found this on Robert Zimmerman’s Behind the Black blog. Normally, he deals with climate, space, and other science-related topics. I signed up for the $2/month subscription, and it’s been MORE than worth it.

This link is to information about the Boeing culture that is KILLING the corporation, and how it targets engineers.

Now, engineers CAN be picky, overly ornery PITAs (Pains in the – well, you know). I can say this, as I have been married to an engineer for over 50 years. His virtues are many, and why we are still together.

His faults are those of many engineers:

  • Insistence on doing things HIS way (the CORRECT way).
  • Picking apart the flaws in the way others are performing tasks (like his long-suffering wife).
  • Absolutely rigid about not taking shortcuts, ‘just this once’.
  • Not always the most diplomatic in how he addresses others – OK, he can be REALLY clueless about saying things that cut people to the raw.

Now, a lot of that is training. Engineers are schooled to NOT cut safety corners. And, for work situations, that’s fine. Not always so fine when it comes to home tasks. I look forward to getting things done when he’s not around, as I can take time-saving shortcuts on cleaning tasks. My goal is usually to get the job DONE, not done PERFECTLY.

But, when safety is an issue?

He’s the guy I want in charge. Period.

Today’s managers don’t value that attention to detail. They come out of a looser culture. Many of them are women, who come in with the perception that men need to be put in their place (usually that place is UNDER a woman). The DEI culture has forced too many men to either knuckle under to decrees they consider not based on reason or logic, or to leave under a cloud.

Boeing is one such company. The managerial types have weeded out those who won’t go along with their cost-cutting measures, if they threaten safety. What is left is lackadaisical, poorly schooled in safe manufacturing practices, and, shall we say, ethically FLEXIBLE.

Our transportation system – planes, trains, cars, trucks, military and space – is suffering as a result.