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     In publishing this transcript of a recent speech by Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Maura Dowling has done America and Europe a tremendous service. Please read it all.

     “Diversity” has never meant what its shouters claim it to mean. It means the elimination of the white race. Note that no majority-black country is being pressed to accept “diversity.” Only those nations that are predominantly white – particularly those that are majority European-descended – are being invaded in this fashion…while being browbeaten about accepting still more of it. A glance at what’s happening to Ireland alone should convince anyone with eyes to see.

     The white race is wholly responsible for modern civilization. The race-hustlers scream about “cultural appropriation” when a few whites adopt some version of a black or Asian cultural feature, but no one bothers to take notice of the wholesale “appropriation” by blacks and Asians of the scientific, technological, and cultural advances made possible by whites. No one ever asks why the perpetual welfare-client nations of the world never advanced even to a Nineteenth Century European level of technology unless and until it was imported there by white expatriates. No one dares to take notice that slavery, which has been eliminated throughout the First World, still thrives in the non-white nations of Africa and the Middle East.

     But we, the whites, are berated for slavery. We, the whites, are berated for “inequality.” We, the whites, are expected to give without limit to those others who are apparently either unwilling or unable to provide for themselves.

     It’s time, as Eva Vlaardingerbroek has told us, to stand and fight: not for the dominance of the world by the white race, but simply for the right to be left alone in our own lands. Unless we elect to do so – and to scorn the race-hustlers and grievance-peddlers demanding that we accept an endless onslaught of “diversity” – our future will be one of marginalization and eventual extermination. Vermin and savages will enjoy – “appropriate?” – what we leave behind…while it lasts. Our ghosts will have only the bitter satisfaction of watching them turn on one another when our legacy is exhausted.


    • George Mckay on April 29, 2024 at 5:51 AM

    Damn, Eva has painted a huge target on her back.  To tell the truth in lawless Europe is truly ballsy.  She is 1000% right and the pinheads in DC should be forced to listen to this on a loop.  My only hope and prayer is that it is not too late.  We have an awful mess but, Europe (with the possible exception of Romania) is much worse off.  To have more than 50% of your population suddenly forced upon you from a third world craphole is more than can be tolerated but, THEY HAVE!!!!!!

    • Roll-aid on April 29, 2024 at 10:34 AM

    Eva is right and even gets polite applause from the audience.  Notably, she did not mention that these migrants are also having children at a rate much higher that the native population.  The fact is that with a rapidly growing non-native population at 50% of your largest cities, the only way to win back the continent involves the majority of the indigenous population to act NOW.  Unite, organize and take drastic measures.   And I don’t mean some strongly worded parliamentary declaration and tweaks to next quarter’s agenda for some obscure sub-committee.

    I mean large numbers of tough, strong, motivated and well-armed MEN with access to solid and substantial resources led by charismic leaders of both church and state.  Nothing else will suffice at this stage.  It need not be bloody, but it does mean imposing their will on others and giving no quarter to those who resist.

    It’s hard to create a scenario for such a force being organically instigated and become real in the current political climate, given it is against the will of the current government.   Consider, however, an external “forcing function” that cannot be avoided or solved by political means.   Dealing with it means solving the problem Eva has described becomes something that is part of a much larger whole.   I will leave further discussion on what that force might be to others;  and, for those so inclined, to speculate on the role of America.

    We also must acknowledge that, even with victory, what will come out of it will bear little recognition to the beautiful civilization which took our far tougher ancestors a thousand years to build.

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