One More Reason to Stay on Top of your Local Politics

ONE person with both an agenda and no scruples managed to commit so many crimes and constitutional violations, that this report barely touches on them.

There is a reason that the Leftists/Power-Hungry Dems are so desperate to stop their challengers – they not only are horrified at the idea of losing power and access to taxpayer-provided cash, but they truly fear arrest for their CRIMES.

Now, realistically, unless a change in who controls public offices and money lights off a Bonfire of Justified Retribution, most of them will skate. They won’t even have fines levied or serve a day in jail, let alone prison. That probably makes sense – few on the non-Left want to Wave the Bloody Shirt.

But there needs to be a price for escaping their just punishment:

  • Loss of pension AND pension rights for those who hope to avoid prosecution. Give them back any money they PERSONALLY put into the fund. The public’s part must be taken from them, permanently, including spouse and children rights. It HAS to be such a massive penalty, lest our leniency tempt them in the future.
  • The only ones that might be allowed to resign without loss of pension are those who turn state’s evidence, and testify fully, either in court, or in a SWORN public hearing, to the crimes of their peers and bosses. If they are later found to have falsely, they retroactively lose any pension they have, or will, receive.
  • ALL who have participated in any way in the process lose all voting rights for all time. Even those who participated under duress. They may not hold office, nor work for a public agency at any level. They may not work for an organization receiving public funds, whether paid or volunteer; any such organization lose access to funds as long as that person works there.



It’s the only way to teach those who went along that there is a cost for cooperating with evil.


  1. In the environment you just reported on, what are the odds that a “from my cold, dead hands” incident will be reported as such?

    Certainly the lack of details of even the shooter’s name, what he was suspected of somehow never makes an appearance in the following.

    What was reported?

    • “serving a warrant on a suspect in possession of a firearm.”
    • suspect was called a felon in passing, but no details and no support for it.
    • 3 officers dead and one suspect rifleman, and several officers wounded.
    • listing the commendation history of the slain LEOs.

    With a disproportionate red-team, blue-team body count like that, one may understand how the narrative needs some more work before more details are invented released. Wouldn’t want to encourage the wrong element.

    Oh, BTW. The online copy from NBC already submitted one correction. Would you be surprised to find the missing bits I mentioned added in later?

  2. Every felony committed by that woman was done with the full approval of George Gascon. Count on it. The entire DA’s office is rotten and corrupt. You couldn’t pay me to live anywhere near LA right now.

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