The FIRST Task for the Next Non-Leftist President

Appoint a sound head of the Dept. of Health & Human Services, and – on the FIRST day, direct CMS – the Center for Medicare Services – to change their rule DEEMING illegal aliens eligible for services.

They ARE. I don’t care WHAT you’ve been told. Here is a link to the slide presentation that teaches their staff about that rule, which is the gateway that allows all the other services to be given to ineligible illegal aliens. It’s the rule that has the US Federal Government SUBSIDIZING the invasion, thereby relieving The Left of that financial burden.

Slide 5 is the one that spells it out.

I know, I know. You’ve been told otherwise. You believe that this is because of actions of multiple embedded Leftists in the agency.

Nuts. It’s an action by a few, that is carried out by the many (who are specifically ordered to do it). Now, I can’t blame the clueless Minions – most of them just want a job that is steady and with decent benefits. Firing them won’t help; instead, treat them like potential allies.

So, it’s the Rule. Game over, right?

No. As we have learned, RULES are relatively easy to change, and should be the FIRST step.

Afterwards, follow up with Congressional action, bolstering the rule with black letter law. Take away the next President/*resident’s ability to use a pen to change it back.

I’m sure The Left has squirreled away a lot of these Rule-Making Easter Eggs. Perhaps we should turn a bunch of kids loose on the Leftist-infiltrated agencies and departments and find them. Offer a paid-for internship (sufficient for real living expenses) to those finding worthy targets for change. Do that this summer, so the next President can come in ready to Rock & Roll.

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    • Mad Celt on May 7, 2024 at 10:50 AM

    Trump is going to make excuses about why he can’t do this.

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