Profiles In Unconsciousness

     Now and then, something will come down the pike that’s both puzzling and fascinating. I have such a phenomenon at hand today: a series of tweets from former CNN contributor Michelle Kosinski. Here it is:

     Now, I know better than to expect a leftist to entertain a suggestion that she might be under-informed. I also know better than to expect her to allow that her “facts” might not be actual facts. All the same, as a case study of a Hofferian “fact-proof screen,” the above is hard to beat.

     Leftists seldom concede the possibility that they might be wrong. Moreover, as the Left’s beliefs move ever further from reality, leftists put ever more effort into seeking out and purging doctrinal divergence. Theirs is “a church outside which there is no salvation.” The rationales they bring to their doctrinal enforcement are notions I’ve discussed here on other occasions, so I’ll pass from that subject without comment. But note the “giveaways” Miss Kosinski cites as evidence that she was surrounded by agents of evil:

  • Her dinner companions refused to allow their kids to apply to Ivy League universities.
  • They showed disdain for the “climate change” canard.
  • And they differed over the value of something Donald Trump had done as president.

     GAHH! Call out the National Guard! Such persons are “a deadly canker in the body politic!” They cannot be allowed to hold such opinions! Failing their re-education, they must be kept away from the good and righteous!

     Yes, I’m laughing as I type. It demands laughter, to ward away the tears.

     Time was, the “liberal” credo gave lip service (at least) to being open-minded. But that time has plainly passed. By the Left’s notions, one cannot be “well educated and successful in careers” and still differ with Leftist dogma. It’s a sin against the “facts.”

     And that, Gentle Reader, is why there’s no meaningful exchange of views between Left and Right in America today.