Think, and Act, Locally

Your local choices mean more than you realize.

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    • Scott Freitas on May 8, 2024 at 5:55 PM

    Would be nice if the government brainwashing camps mentioned sheriffs at least a few times. I can’t recall ever learning anything at all about sheriffs during my K-12 years. Other than I bet I was rote-taught it to be a Law Enforcement position, with few to no added details.
    I’ve noticed here in Billings, Montana, as first Obummer and then FJB dumped masses of hispanics here, our Yellowstone County Sheriff’s officers seem not too friendly with the increasingly tatted-up, militarized “Blues Brothers” style city cops we keep recruiting now as city patrolmen.
    Nothing they’d announce or admit publicly. You can just see it in the body language and facial expressions of Sheriffs when something in our county happens that also involves Billings Police.
    The sheriffs are typically tanned, no tats, physically fit, while the city patrol guys–again–often look flabby, tatted, pale, just sorta angry and annoyed. Impatient. Never calm and smooth and in full control of their surroundings, like the sheriffs.
    I think we Americans are all gonna NEED good Sheriffs more and more, every day…
    Oh, just sucks if they’re female, is all. City cops are too often chicks, and they couldn’t run down or tackle a perp if their lives depended on it. They’re the ones always reaching for the tasers and the handguns…
    Haven’t met a chick Sheriff here yet, in Yellowstone. I suppose they must have them, probably mostly sitting behind a desk inside an office. The Feds, which I more and more like to call Girl Government, never seem to allow any LEO office to have even six people employed UNLESS at least one of them is a fatty-bratty chick type (lol, you know that type of female ossifer, they’re the most commonly seen by the public).

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