AND Initiate a CIVIL Lawsuit Against That Overprivileged A******

This NY Post story, about a janitor who faced off against the protesters – including James Carlson, a very rich heir with a $3.4 million townhouse (say, that would be a GREAT prize in a settlement!), and is afraid to go back to the school, says a lot about the way The Left cares about minorities or the poor.

That is – not at all.

“While Torres was able to make it out of Hamilton Hall before the protesters locked down the building with makeshift barricades, he said the experience has left him shaken and unable to go back to Columbia.

“They should have protected us a little bit more,” he told the Press. “Even when I left the building I did not see one public safety officer. What’s that about? We had to fight our way out.””

Here’s the 411 on Carlson from MSNBC online.

This is, for those who, like me, grew up in neighborhoods filled with WWII refugees, some of them Jewish.

Never Again – Watch it on X to get the full impact.

It’s funny. Just as the economy settles down into the usual pre-election torpor, and before the pre-election frenzy begins, many of my friends and acquaintances are feeling an unease. Like waiting for the shoe to drop, or for that sudden alarm that signal The Terror is about to begin.

I’ve seen the uneasiness during interactions. People are making plans for the summer, and adding, “Assuming nothing major happens.” In fact, I’ve noticed people are reluctant to make plans.

  • Leaving home for a vacay? Few want to abandon known surroundings for novelty.
  • Flying? Surely you jest! The Boeing plane problems, despite the airlines having avoided a major catastrophe through the training and judgement of the crews, make ME nervous about flying. I have an upcoming workshop in Boston this July, and I’m thinking about persuading my husband to drive there.
  • Family reunions? Hunkering down seems to be the preferred mode for many, rather than gathering all the family in one place.
  • Stateside travel? Not if it requires people to be near major cities, even if only passing through. Those road-closing jacka$$es have depressed that outlet.
  • Tourist hot spots? Not Europe, not amusement parks, not concerts, not traditional travel to famous cities, not ships (the lingering problems they have with communicable diseases spreading throughout the ship, other than Covid are a factor).

Oh, well. I’m off next week to Hamvention, in Xenia, OH, to meet up with a friend of mine from SC. She and I have been planning this for months. I’m just making my lists of equipment I want to take, and making sure my clothing is clean. Some years, it’s a muddy mess on the fairgrounds.

And, I just checked the forecast – as usual, there will be intermittent showers. I’m going to bring an umbrella, and order a poncho/raincoat. It should arrive in time.

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  1. The protests have nothing to do with israel or hamas, just as they had nothing to do with st floyd of fentynol, or st trayvon of skittles, or occupy wall street or whatever the flavor of election year is.  It is about destroying America.
    Unlike most, I care not a whit for other countries, nor for funding them.  Not my circus, not my monkeys…. my motto for a long time now.
    I care about my congressman, Jim Jordan, voting as a democrat.
    We have not flown in years, nor will we.  In a couple weeks I am going to Austin for a graduation, then in mid June for a wedding.  Nieces, what ya gonna do.  And I don’t have to go to far out of my way to drive thru constitutional carry states, although it is a bit added mileage to avoid VA and NC going from Ohio to Florida.
    We bought a motor home in 2012 to avoid the tsa nonsense.  But I’ll be driving alone so just taking the car.

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