When You Cannot Argue

     “The fascists cannot argue, so they kill.” – Victor Marguerite

     The Left discovered some time ago that its ideas are incapable of prevailing against the evidence. Of course, an idea that requires us to dismiss or deny the evidence is always going to have a few little problems in debate. But that doesn’t unduly discourage the Left. It simply resorts to violence and intimidation.

     In political matters, that started some time ago. It became nationally visible in January 2017, when Donald Trump was inaugurated as president. It hasn’t slackened since then.

     The signs are accumulating that the many “protests” being whipped up on university campuses have elicited mainly disgust from decent persons. With that disgust has come a willingness to see those “protests” suppressed by force. That’s all to the good. However, the Left has decided to play the intimidation card:

     Anti-Israel masked men arrived at the homes of University of Michigan Board of Regents members before dawn on Wednesday to protest and demand the adoption of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) policies, according to the university and the regents.
     Regent Jordan B. Acker said on social media that “masked intruders” came to the door of his family residence, demanding the defunding of police. He expressed concern for the safety of his daughters, who were sleeping at the home.
     “This form of protest is not peaceful. Public officials should not be subject to this sort of intimidating conduct, and this behavior is unacceptable from any Michigan community member,” Acker wrote on X on Wednesday. “I will not be intimidated. In the wake of the 2020 election, public officials here in Michigan were subjected to threats from mobs of election deniers who engaged in similar conduct.”
     Regent Sarah Hubbard said that at dawn, a group of around thirty protesters came to her home on Wednesday and erected tents, and according to the university, placed fake corpses wrapped in bloodied sheets on her lawn.
     “Protesting at a public official’s private residence is unacceptable and will not move their cause forward in a satisfactory manner,” Hubbard stressed.
     She said the protesters used bullhorns, drums, and chants to disrupt the peace of her neighborhood and taped a list of demands to her front door.

     The University of Michigan is a state-chartered and state-supported institution. As such, harassment or attacks aimed at its regents constitute attacks on public officials. Thus the “protesters” have committed felonies under the laws of the State of Michigan and the United States. That’s why they were masked, of course. Such brave folks.

     Nevertheless, the message to Acker and Hubbard was clear: We can make your lives miserable. And in truth, they can. Unless the Michigan State Police provide round-the-clock security to them and their families, their immediate future will likely be unpleasant.

     There’s no deep meaning here. These incidents merely make plain that the Left in this country has no boundaries. It will flout all standards of decency in pursuit of its goals. Inasmuch as the “protesters” have the initiative, and therefore the choice of where and when to strike, merely playing defense is well-nigh impossible.

     It’s imperative to counterattack, but how? Without the identities of these “protesters,” how is anyone to visit consequences upon them? Can the University of Michigan compel them to display their faces when in public? If not, what are decent persons to do?

     One thing is clear: once the intimidation tactic has been deployed, argument is pointless. Not that there ever was much point in arguing with Leftists.


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  1. “In the wake of the 2020 election, public officials here in Michigan were subjected to threats from mobs of election deniers who engaged in similar conduct.”
    That never happened.

    1. What this demonstrates is Regent Acker is willing to publicly repeat unsubstantiated rumors. What he had to endure is unacceptable, but his equivalencing what the Left did to him with Leftist projecting their own behavior on election integrity people is also. His using election deniers as a label for election integrity people tells us whose side he’s on: the same as those who abetted the attacks on him. He should step down in disgrace for slander and furthering the divisiveness — and for not knowing what a useful idiot he is.

    • Ownerus on May 17, 2024 at 11:32 AM

    “…Without the identities of these “protesters,” how is anyone to visit consequences upon them?…”

    They’re right there. The problem is not how, it’s the lack of will to do so.

    • Dan on May 17, 2024 at 11:33 AM

    IF they are committing a felony the police should swoop down and arrest them. Until this happens they will only continue to violate laws without consequence. The leftist administrators are afraid to use force or law against the left.

    1. Whoever commands the police to lay hands off the terrorists is abetting them. Public servant no longer means what’s implied. As for the social contract — HA!

      Someone better sue for failure to perform before they declare it illegal. One can’t sue a lord.

      Since abetting a crime is charged as if committing it, filing suit remains the only legal option given so many Soros prosecutors.

      Sorry for the replacement comment. I had screwed up the old one using my cell phone in poor light. Even my email was off.

    • Kitizi on May 17, 2024 at 5:04 PM

    These thugs will be a lot more circumspect in their behavior if a few of them got dropped where they stood when they tried this intimidation crap

    “I was in fear for my life, and I saw what looked like a weapon, so I opened fire. You want anything else out of me, talk to my lawyer.”

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