Never Underestimate the Power of The Left to Screw Things Up

We’re in a bad place when the best we can hope for is that our enemies are as incompetent as we always thought them to be.

But, when The Enemy are making a huge mistake (Big Mistake! HUGE!), don’t stop them. Let them wallow in the ruins they are creating.

I wish I were better at foreseeing the future; I’m aware that I suck at it, which is why I avoid gambling for any but the most trivial amounts (random raffle tickets and the like). Many I’ve been reading are sure that they can anticipate the outcome of our current political divide.

In the above link, read and commit to memory #4 on that list. And, remember, what you and I may think is THE single most important thing to focus on, may not be for some/most other people.

What the hell do I know? I could be completely wrong about everything.

The only things I’m pretty sure about are those that affect my OWN life.


Never thought I’d get all non-judgemental. Must be some seasonal affliction.