The Weekend STARTED off Well

Guys, I REALLY needed something to take my mind off the pathetic verdict in the NY-Trump trial persecution/railroading.

So, when my son called to arrange the details of my Mother’s Day gift of a Cleveland Guardians game, I was ready to hop on that bus.

It was an incredible game – low-scoring at first, only to break out mid-game with a series of runs. After a great pitching effort, Bibee retired and was replaced by the amazing Emmanuel Clase. His fastball is really something to see – if you COULD see it.

Apparently, neither could the hitters, as we won, 7-1.

I’m a lifelong fan. Even though I lived in other cities with nearby major league teams, and occasionally attended a game or two, the Cleveland Indians/Guardians will always be my first love.

I was lukewarm about the name change, although I am warming up to it. The first Guardians uniforms were not that unlike the old Indians ones:

Cleveland Guardians Jerseys, Hoodies, Uniforms - Guardians Store

Not bad, but not that striking.

The new ones are different – and visually interesting. The letters CLE are in a stylized font incorporating the classic look of the Guardians on the Lorain-Carnegie bridge that spans the Cuyahoga River, and divides the East Side from the West Side.

The story of the Guardians statues is here.

As you can see, the statues are quite impressive.

Here is the new uniform, which I think incorporates the image of the statues in a good way:

Cleveland Guardians unveil 2024 Nike MLB City Connect Series uniforms ...

I’m looking forward to Christmas; I expect I will get a new Guardians shirt, sweatshirt, and/or hat. Or, maybe all three. Here’s a couple of designs that are popping up in the unofficial market – some are quite striking.

Cleveland Guardian T-shirt - Etsy

But, enough of light-hearted amusement.

These are dangerous times. Not with Open Violence, except in selected places.

But, it’s got the earmarks of The Gathering Storm (title borrowed from my favorite unregenerate old-school colonialist).

The signs are the Accelerating Debt – both public and private. If – God Willing – Trump should again have the opportunity, he needs to abolish The Federal Reserve, and take the United States off fiat currency.

I got the above link from this site – which I do recommend reading.

Another chilling warning. Unfortunately, those who are open to hearing it are not the ones who need it. We are, and have been, preparing (in fact, in many cases, have for years). That prep won’t stop the Madness, but it may make it survivable.

So, when THEY do it, Election Denial is GOOD.

When WE do it, Election Denial is BAD.

Got it.

This guy is NOT a Trump lover. But he IS supporting him in 2024, although he realizes Trump’s flaws.

I won’t bother going over his flaws; they are well known and mostly related to bombast and a strong disinclination to listen to advice. But, you don’t go to war with the army you want, you go with the army you HAVE.

And, Trump is what we have. Known flaws. Solid on the major essential issues.

That’s all I have today. And, as I have a lot of OTHER very important things to do today, further posting will have to wait.


  1. At no point in the last thirty years have Democrats ever admitted the veracity or legitimacy of any national-level election that they lost, dating back to the massive swing in the House and Senate following the Clinton’s limited roll-out of “HillaryCare”.
    Bush over Gore in 2000? They kept changing the rules, cherry-picking votes in single precincts of single counties of the last State Democrats had to have. (Fun Fact: The Democrat President was from Arkansas, yet Dems couldn’t win Arkansas. The VP was from Tennessee, yet Dems couldn’t win Tennessee. The leading Democrat in the Senate, Tom Daschle, was from South Dakota, and yet Dems couldn’t win South Dakota. The Minority Leader in the House, Dick Gephardt, was from Missouri, and yet the Dems couldn’t win Missouri. If they had managed to win ANY of those home States of the four most powerful Democrats in the country, they wouldn’t have needed to steal Florida.)
    2004, Bush vs Kerry? The Dems were raising hell over Ohio, filing official protests – an act, I have been repeatedly assured since then, was nothing more than Insurrection, worse than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and 9-11 combined.
    We all watched the shenanigans over Trump’s victory in ’16, and the Real-Time Steal four years ago, which managed to outlaw free speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition government for redress of grievances by declaring the get-together on January 6 an insurrection (despite not one of the people since jailed has been accused, indicted, prosecuted or convicted of anything close).
    It will be the same. When Joe loses in November, he’s going to show us how he has to use military force to maintain power, so that they can protect the democracy from those nasty MAGA types. Because we all know that if Trump wins, there will be tyranny and despotism. (Always descending on the Right, and landing on the Left.)

  2. You are so right, Drumwaster, about the history of Dem Election Denial.
    I’m signed up as a poll worker this fall. I plan to keep my eyes open for shenanigans.

    1. I worked as a poll worker for almost twenty years in California – first was as a ‘Judge’ (front line worker registering voters at the local precinct), then as a Precinct Inspector (the “boss” for the precinct), then as a Range Inspector (supervising 8-14 precincts) – until my declining health prevented the 16-18 hour days required (two hours before polls open until every precinct has turned in their votes cast). I respect anyone who does that, maintaining an impartial yet pleasant atmosphere.

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