The Rainbow Bullies are back

Oh look, it’s an entire month dedicated to men who have sex with other men.

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If you had asked me a few years ago about Pride month, I would have just shrugged and said “Let people do what they want to do.” But today?

Nah. Fuck that noise, fuck Pride month, fuck the Pride parades, fuck the transing of the kids, fuck the blatant sexuality on display, fuck the groomers with a chainsaw, and fuck the pride flag.

For any gay men who read that and get excited, I’m using the word fuck as an insult, not as a directive.

It seems like every year we see more evidence that the Rainbow Bullies won’t leave normal people alone. Last year it was the LA Dodgers hosting the Sisters of Perpetual something or other, a group of gay men who mock Christians with BDSM acts while performing mock crucifixions. This year it’s Christians being forced to fly the buttsex flag.

Last year, the LA County Board of Supervisors made it mandatory for county facilities to fly the Progress Pride flag throughout the month of June. The Los Angeles County Fire Department originally gave Capt. Jeffrey Little his requested religious exemption from personally putting up the flag, Fox News noted, but the exemption was later revoked and he was told his religious beliefs “do not matter”. Little later lost his investigation unit position and had to use vacation time to avoid being forced to put up the flag. This year, his religious exemption requests were simply ignored. Now he’s suing.

Men shoving their penises into another man’s anus has now become a secular religion in this country. You must not only approve of it, you must celebrate it, and you must blindly clap like a trained seal when some sodomite wearing bondage gear waves his erection in the face of your five year old child.

Again: Nah. I’m not playing that game. The Rainbow Bullies can piss off.

I’m done with Pride anything. There’s a whole month dedicated to men who take a dick in the ass, but only one day for veterans? Hell, my little corner of Idaho had a pride parade last Saturday. People from New York showed up for it. I guess we don’t have enough sodomites here in Idaho so we had to import some for the big day. There were super-tight white t-shirts aplenty, to go along with the lisping, limp-wristed buggery on display. Lots of rainbows painted on faces. Lots of “No H8” signs held by people who turn into demonic hissing beasts when Christianity is mentioned.

I’m done with it all. I’m not allowing the Rainbow Bullies to dictate to me what I need to support. I’d say they can eat a bag of dicks, but that’s sort of their thing anyways.


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  1. Mark, chapter 5, verses 9 & 12… The “we/us” pronouns are not a new thing.

    1. Yep. Been going on for a long time. But people today know less and less of the hard lessons that other people learned.

  2. Sorry to hear about the parade in your town. In my little bit of Idaho we had a Bluegrass festival this weekend.

  3. The real question is, what epidemic plague will be unleashed through this year’s Faggot Pride Month indiscriminate sex? Last year it was monkeypox.

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