A Truism for All Time

“The surest way to find a lost package of seeds is to order a new one.”

I’ve been catching up on my reading, and have found the Eaton Rapids Joe blog. He has a story in progress that he has been serializing on his blog, so I’ve been working on catching up – backwards.

Never mind that – the story still works. I’m trying to persuade him to publish – it’s that good.

The serial format is, I believe, making a comeback. It’s relatively easy to manage, allows the story to build an audience, and once finished, it is easy to collate and edit it, given its electronic format. I’ve even been working on an idea on my other blog. I haven’t a timeline or any schedule set up, just testing out the format and an idea that’s been kicking around in my head.

I’m up later than usual – I also stayed up late last night. Never mind, I feel quite rested today. I’m just waiting for the dog to rouse himself from the bed to get my day fully started.

For now, I’m ignoring most of the calls upon my wallet by the GOP Grifters. I did send a few bucks directly to Trump, bypassing the leadership – &^%$# them. They let this thing simmer, then stayed out of it before and during the trial, but now want to cry, “This is a tragedy and a violation of the Constitution!”


They only got worried because, with Trump (temporarily, I hope) sidelined, they’re next. And that scares the hell out of them.

Look, you don’t get to run away from the fight when your leader is down and being led away to the gallows, and then turn around and say, “We have to DO something!”

There was a time for that, and you missed the fight. That’s because all your posturing today is fake – you didn’t WANT him to evade the Kangaroo Court, you were secretly hoping that you could step into Caesar’s place.

But, the outpouring of fury – and cash – snapped you to your senses. Now you’re scrambling to pretend that you weren’t secretly rooting for the other side.

I hope Trump keeps this in mind. His true supporters are few, the turncoats are many, and, should justice prevail, he will have very few people he can count on to form an administration. Now, more than ever, he needs to keep the courtiers at bay; he cannot afford to put them in leadership positions. They are not reliable, and will – once again – drag him down.

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  1. I hope Trump chooses his “cadre” much better this time.  There were too many turncoats or outright traitors in the last crop.  Don’t need to elaborate who – you and I know who they were.  
    Personnel acquisition is paramount in any Presidential bid.  Trump trusted some of the jackasses way too much and they repaid that trust with a stab in the back.  His LOYAL staff and “cadre” will be tested long and hard by the media and the vermin in the opposition party AND our own party.
    I am NOT a republican I am a Conservative who usually aligns with the republican party.  The traitors who stabbed Trump in the back must be ignored and swept into the dustbin of history.  We are the party of “nice guys” who don’t want to hurt feelings and all that claptrap.  It is about time we started hurting feelings, kicking ass and taking names.  The time for being nice is over – they have not been “nice” and in fact have been contemptably evil to all of us.  
    When they claim hate crimes we tell the truth about them ALL OF IT!   When they claim we are mean and nasty we reveal more of the nasty crap they have tried to cover up or flush down the memory hole.  There is lots we can do to them and their feelings.  Kick some liberal commie rat bastard ass and have no sympathy or mercy.  No violence – just truth and no backing down.  We will win this and then we can put some of the vermin in prison or if required capital punishment.  THEN and only then can we rest and let our country become the great place it used to be……a short 3 1/2 years ago.

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