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Here we go again.

Insert F bomb after “Here we.” [Secretary of State nominee Antony] Blinken displayed his hubris a few minutes later when he said, “The door should remain open” for Georgia to join NATO under the justification of curbing Russian aggression. * * * * Blinken’s framing of the issue exposes his disingenuous approach. Russian aggression is …

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Pointed question.

If you thought 2020 was off the hook, how do you like 2021 so far?[1] What I’m getting from this Gamestop oopsie is that it’s as Mr. Jeftovic says: “a generalized revolt against financial repression and asymmetric rulesets (a.k.a ‘rules are for thee, but not for me’).” I don’t understand how the day trading peasants …

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What Trump was up against.

I have been dismayed by Trump’s failures to act on various issues but his actions or failures to act have to be understood in the light of the immense and scurrilous attacks on him by the the Department of Justice and key national security organs of the American government: For more than two years, the …

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Pearls of expression.

For liberal democracies are built on the premise that human values and interests are unavoidably and perpetually in conflict with one another. The solution to these conflicts is not to grant total victory to one side or another, but to accept a system of government and civil society that allows pluralism to flourish within a …

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