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The Entertainer’s Narrow Path

     “Pictures were made to entertain; if you want to send a message, call Western Union.” – Samuel Goldwyn      Yesterday’s brief piece about film director Peter Weir evoked quite a bit of comment and email. Our Gentle Readers largely concurred with my sentiments. I expected that, as our readers tend to be older than …

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Against The Anti Brigades

     The following video is a snippet from a 1977 BBC interview of Sylvester Stallone about why he wrote Rocky. It’s both surprising and, to those who doubted his intellect, revealing:      Stallone’s diagnosis of the cultural trends is dead on – and even more important for our time. Americans wanted entertainment that would resonate …

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Entertainers and Entertainment

     Forgive me, Gentle Reader. For the moment I simply can’t fulminate about politics or current events. I’m out of bile. But that doesn’t mean I have nothing for you today. ***      I’ve often found myself stalled in the middle of some novel-length project. In the most dramatic case, the “stall” lasted for twelve …

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