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Appreciation And Gratitude

     It has been written, and truly, that among the things that make happiness possible, the greatest of all is gratitude. I’ve written about that several times here at Liberty’s Torch. But a free-floating, generalized state of gratitude is a difficult thing to create and sustain within oneself. It’s a lot easier to be grateful …

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The Secret To Happiness: A Thanksgiving Tale

     [I’ve told this one before on a less conspicuous occasion, at Liberty’s Torch V1.0. Nevertheless, it is especially appropriate for Thanksgiving Day: a commemoration that was once much differently centered than it is today. If you are truly grateful for your life and station, turn aside from the food, the family, and the football …

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A Double-Edged Gift

     [This piece first appeared at The Palace of Reason on November 27, 2003 — FWP] ***      Thanksgiving Day, alternately known here at the Fortress of Crankitude as the Feast of St. Gluttony, has finally arrived. Across America, three- and four-person families will open their doors to company, prepare quantities of food sufficient to …

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