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  1. Dear God! Are they completely incapable of NOT reciting catch-phrases, and thinking for themselves?
    Of course, they are.
    Scary to see just how fast the “approved slogans” are rolling off the lips of The Woke and Afraid.

    1. Ever since I heard one of Rush’s montages years ago I fell in love with the device. They’re absolutely devastating and just lay out the hidden agendas, the one far bigger than the daily “Jornolist” distribution of a few years back. One of the best ones ever was the many outlets of some media conglomerate earnestly intoning that such and such is “a threat to our democracy.” “Multiculturalism” was another theme that rocketed to a high place in the firmament. Suddenly it was just set in concrete that what would really make Western civilization totally awesome would be to import some Nigerians and some Pakistanis. Again, I missed that vote.

    • Enn Ess on February 10, 2021 at 4:06 PM

    There is not a single one of these commie clowns that even have the slightest clue about even the concept of what it takes to build anything.

    1. I’m dying to know what the blueprint says. If one person tells me they’ll help me improve my life, that’s bizarre. But if a 1,000 neckbeards and Gutmenschen have a plan for you and me that’s unremarkable. Like the Castor character in an earlier Woody Allen movie who announces that now everyone will wear their underwear on the outside of their clothing.

      Too, I’d like to know what exactly it was about our old defective ways that was so hideous. Was there a worldwide vote for change that I missed?

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