In Support of “It’s Probably Nothing”

Our esteemed Colonel B, Bunny just posted “It’s probably Nothing” about half an hour after I had viewed the video below.

Readers of this site will probably view this history and lesson as preaching to the choir. Yet it is virtually certain each reader knows at least one who needs to see this even as it is equally certain they will not wish to accept its warning. At least they cannot later whine “why didn’t you warn me?”


  1. Right on the money, PF.  

    Linda posted a link just below to a terrific VDH piece and it chronicles the inevitable transformation to the ghastly present situation as the left dumped its previous agenda (“free speech!) and went full-bore totalitarian-but-for-the-passage-of-a-year-or-two.

    The US has tried to square the circle of assimilating unassimilable minorities and certain segments of our vast legal and illegal immigration population plus expanding the franchise to welfare parasites, convicted felons, and illegal aliens mixed with fiscal and monetary utter lunacy and evisceration of the Constitution and the rule of law.

    Massive inflation is absolutely baked in the cake but who but the Pauls and a few other despised Republicans even raises a pinkie to head off the collapse?  As I’ve said, even Denzel can’t stop this runaway train.  And Ben’s observation never goes out of style: “Experience keeps a dear school, but a fool will learn in no other.”

    I have some smidgen of hope that when Kamalalala takes over from The Big Guy the utter absurdity of her occupying the, SHMG, Oval Office will stimulate a collective “Oh, hell no!” in the ranks of the unconfused patriots.  You’d think the image of men with tits competing with women sprinters and fighters would have done that but maybe it just wasn’t enough of a logical and moral assault to allow for a critical mass to be reached.  

    Oh, well.  The coming economic collapse will clear out a lot of deadwood.  A sort of Great Reset, if you will, but not the one old Klaus, George and Bill have in mind.  I refer, of course, to Bill Gates, the world famous epidemiologist, virologist, and social/political visionary. 

    • enn ess on February 16, 2021 at 4:04 PM

    Outstanding video. Different hemisphere, same path towards destruction.
    Only way I see forward with any semblance of sanity is two countries, a red and a blue. Let the blue follow its downward spiral and Argentina’s path. The red will again incorporate the blue when it self implodes not all that many years into the future. 

  2. In college, I studied the history of Latin American countries (OK, my professors were Leftists – nice guys, but Leftists). I had the advantage over most of my classmates – I was older, from a multicultural neighborhood, filled with immigrants and children of immigrants. So, I asked the inconvenient questions – not always, a lot got past me, largely because I had trust in my teachers that they would tell the truth.
    Boy, I was dumb.
    But, not so dumb that I failed to keep informed about that region. And, when the truth started coming out about the abuses of the Sandinistas and other Leftists, well, I had both the knowledge about conditions in times past, and enough Spanish fluency to read the local Spanish papers, and determine that a lot of what the media was pushing was flat-out fabrications (polite word for lies).
    I’m sharing this post with everyone I can. Great job.

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