Abdication and confusion to the stars.

If pillaging for a communist dictatorship was the answer, what was the question? Exactly?

I heard the lectures about free enterprise then realized that I wanted no part of being in the party that enabled mega-corporate pillaging of our middle class for the benefit of the Chinese communists.[1]

A great quote pointing out the abdication of the Republicans, well, the entire political, financial, media, and academic swine-o-rama, when it comes to safeguarding the nation and its people. A craaaazeee concept, I know.

On the point about free enterprise being somehow joined at the hip with astronomical malfeasance and nonfeasance of the ruling toads, however, I hasten to point out that free enterprise and capitalism were never envisioned as operating in a Lord of the Flies environment. Courts were always in the picture as necessary enforcers of contract rights and laws against fraud and theft. No one wrote of the necessity of having monopolies dictate everything to suppliers and consumers, as well as drive competitors from the market. Britain’s courts were famous for their honest adjudication of trade disputes and, so, guess which country became a commercial power. The law merchant also developed to facilitate trade among European nations. One didn’t prosper if he did not deal fairly. I don’t know if separate, informal tribunals existed to enforce that law but the law existed for a good reason.

So capitalism is a well-crafted engine with inputs of electricity, air, fuel, oil, and coolant. The dork with his foot on the accelerator all the way to the floor while the transmission in neutral is what the toads have in mind when they talk about the evils of [[[capitalism]]]. But it’s a fundamentally distorted, limited, and/or downright dishonest view. Our author gets it about selling out to the Chinese communists but that’s not a necessary feature of free markets. Cancer is not a necessary part of every healthy body.

With free markets someone’s got to be minding the speed, direction, and maintenance to some degree. Balance of accounts trending against us? Factories shutting down and moving to Zanzibar? Maybe a tariff or different tax incentives to get us back on course?

Monopolists and fraudsters are no more necessary to free markets than axe murderers are to a Christmas party. But in the rush to adopt “socialism” it’s the absolute degradation or diseased deformation of capitalism that the fools have in mind, never the beautiful engine it is. Go to a summer weekend where the car restoration guys display their work. Look at the engines they lovingly maintain. That’s capitalism. The guy dumping sand into the engine isn’t a capitalist, he’s an enemy of capitalism.

One more great quote from Mr. Schlichter:

To reprise a cliché of my own making, Donald Trump was the avatar of our dissatisfaction with the garbage Establishment and the refusal of the useless, sclerotic and cruise-oriented losers allegedly on our side to defend our interests.

Our conservative “champions” always, along with multitudes of officials at the local and state level last year, maddenlingly failed to attend to the most basic of official duties, namely, preservation of the culture and the borders and the keeping of the king’s peace. They played the part to perfection of the cowardly GI that Spielberg interjected so gratuitously in the move “Saving Private Ryan.” His comrade was about to be sliced up by a German troop but the GI did nothing when all he had to do was climb up another four or five stairs and blast the German with his M1.

There are encouraging signs of state Republican parties presuming to chastise some of our lords and ladies. The might be feeling the heat from the unwashed but our state party was quick to act and I think the response was genuine.


[1] “The Cons Are Alright.” By Kurt Schlichter, Townhall, 2/15/21.


  1. Nice, Col. Bunny. Very nice.

    The only reason to use the GOP ever again, is if we are prepared to take them over like a vampire on the human host. It’s a lot easier to take over a party (see what the Left did to the old Dems), than to jump through the hoops to start a new party. Although, TALKING about starting a new party, as a head-fake, while always planning on taking over an existing party would be a thing of genius.

    Whether in a new party, or re-animating the corpse of an old one, I think it’s clear that there are enough of us who could manage to get the votes.

    And, I want ALL of us, in EVERY state, to grab control of the machinery of the Boards of Election. I’d like to put out a call to all ex-military to lead that effort. Enough of them are Not-White, that they may be able to sneak in and grab the reins in the next 2 years.

    Resistance starts locally.

  2. Thanks, Linda.  The Whigs faded into oblivion at one point and were replaced by the Republicans.  All in a veritable historical blink of the eye.  Thereafter third parties like the Bull Moose Party and the Libertarian Party definitively established that third party efforts are merely spoiling operations.  Slavery was a moral challenge back then and perhaps now people will ever more realize that mass immigration, monopoly, press corruption, big tech arrogance, massive centralization, fawning over minorities, and Supreme Court cowardice and betrayal are in essence enslaving the white founding people of this country and lead to a similar fade-a-thon that doomed the Whigs.  I’ve thought that the Tea Party was jump started when patriots realized that fiscal irresponsibility is breaking the back of the country.  The next wave was the MAGA partisans who responded to the “build the wall” rhetoric of Trump.  No politician had dared to raise this issue though Trump failed to ask who had pushed this nation-killing policy of open borders and multiculturalism in the first place, one coming from a place of pure, 180-proof malevolence.  Rather he contented himself by the lame general observation that a nation without borders isn’t a nation and halfheartedly pursuing a policy of dealing with the external manifestations of that policy.

    The Republicans appeared in response to the enslavement of other human beings.  Let’s see if they can respond to the impending enslavement (“you’ll own no property and love it”) of their own.

    The Republican establishment at the state level seem to be feeling the heat (except in Utah where mealy mouth Republicanism still reigns).  Perhaps a strategy of persistent devolution and nullification will be better than living or dying on an in or out calculus.  The impending economic spasmatron probably will make these kinds of thoughts passe as we try to put the Gateway Arch and Delta Airlines and Joe’s Coffee Shop and Dog Washateria back together again with paper clips and Gorilla Glue.  I’m thinking it’s all going to go back together like a combo of Frankenstein and Little Bo Peep and we’ll have to go from there.

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