Through the looking glass.

How can dollar debasement policies aimed at inflating away the debt ever succeed when it’s these very policies that induce the massive growth of debt in the first place?[1]

Dollar debasement IS the OFFICIAL game plan. An endless loop of moronic policy with, if you remember the days of DOS, no ctrl+C (halt execution).

Yes, our tippity top people are actually doing this.

[1] “There’s A Serious Flaw To The Team Powell-Yellen Inflation Scheme.” By M.N. Gordon, ZeroHedge, 3/27/21 (emphasis removed).


  1. Short-term?

    Use any inflation in your favor to wipe out debt, and build up supplies (on cash in hand terms – ask for the discount for not using credit). Use the lower interest on homes to pay down any mortgage quicker, and pay for a bug-out location.

  2. I made a concerted effort to pay off credit card debt and my mortgage in recent years.  It’s a joy not to have that hanging over my head.  It still frosts me to have to pay property taxes of $300 a month.  Effectively, I don’t own my house but must rent it from the county.  Mmmn mnh.

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