Why Dwell on Past Issues?

Because the Past is Never Truly Dead.


I lived through that era. My feeling about the more violent protesters, at that ignorant age, was “Well, sure, they committed crimes, but…”

Like many, I tried to justify much of the early protests as being driven by ‘good intentions’ (and, we all know where that leads, don’t we?). My parents were more concerned about the damage such ideologically-driven zealots were causing to communities – both the physical infrastructure, and the damage to the relationships/culture.

They could see what I could not – that fear of violent crime would drive out those who had greater mobility – which, it did. Later housing developments – many were designed to lure the BUPPIES (Black, Upwardly-Mobile Professionals) into sinking roots in the communities, and working to stabilize and restore the communities.

Didn’t work. Oh, sure, there are isolated areas of better-maintained housing (usually patrolled and gated communities). But that didn’t solve the problems.

It wasn’t the physical community that needed to be restored. It was the soul of the community. It was a commitment to raising children in stable homes (either a married couple, or a parent that would put aside their own life for their children.

It was sizing up the neighborhood, and, if necessary, doing whatever it took to get out of there, if it contained too many of those following questionable lives.

Generally, that took some cash. Hard to get, legally, if you don’t have reliable child care – ALL day care. Head Start doesn’t count – the hours are short.

So. My suggestion is: scrap Head Start. Give some federal/state grants to provide DAY CARE in those spaces, but ONLY to those parents who are FULL-TIME in either a job, or a program to prepare them for one.

No college majors that aren’t likely to lead to a job in the next 2-4 years. Preference for those in apprenticeship programs.

Attendance year-round, which means that those in an educational program need to find summer school to reduce the years they spend in school.

Periodic reports from teachers, and grade reports submitted, along with VERIFIED tutoring, if necessary. If they aren’t making at LEAST a B average by the end of their first year, they should be on probation.

Same with apprenticeships – periodic reports on their progress, and their work performance.

Those working have to work with budget counselors and career advisors (who will BOTH assist them in meeting performance standards, and help them find additional training/coursework to improve their value to the company).

The goal is Up and Out. Bring their lives Up, and Get them the hell Out of that situation.

And, in other news:

Jewish Student at Vanderbilt, running for student office, is vilified as a Jew, Hitler, and White Supremacist.

It’s a horrible story. The kid, Jordan, apparently did everything right. He was a not-rich student, who worked hard to assist other students with financial challenges.

And, when the Left decided to villainize him, Vanderbilt gave NO help to him, and, in fact, joined in the pile-on.

He dropped out of the race (can’t fault him for that – it must have taken a toll on his very soul).

But, his conclusion is to explain what happened, and how unjust it was, as a way of ‘raising awareness’ of the situation. Because, those who learn the truth of the matter will obviously straighten this out, right? (Isn’t that what Jews in Nazi Germany and Communist USSR told themselves?).

Wrong. They knew. They didn’t care. In the immortal words of Harry Reid, “It worked, didn’t it?”

Kid, a lawsuit is the only correct response. Make them PAY for this, and make it HURT.

Settle for enough money for ALL your tuition and expenses, as well as a hefty chunk to compensate for emotional and mental damage from their vile actions.

Sue the university, the individuals for their actions/failure to follow school guidelines, and even those individuals – AND their organizations – that lead the pile-on.

Make it hurt. Have no mercy. No apologies accepted without some Large Green attached.

In other news, the Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is still getting the Left’s knickers in a twist. I like the term she used – Corporate Communism – to describe the tactic of using ‘private’ industry to enforce the desires of the Elite. Someone might want to add that term to the Urban Dictionary (it won’t last long, but we can enjoy enraging the LeftStapo while it does).


    • Hoagie on March 31, 2021 at 10:44 AM

    Corporate communism is cute but there already exists a term for corporations and the state joining up to control a nation: Fascism.   And fascists are what the former Democrat Party has become.   Right down to the show trials, making “certain people” enemies of the state, stealing elections and the idea of permanent one party rule.   
    WE are at the end of the American Republic.  Whatever comes next will have no Declaration of Independence or Constitution as we know them.    It will have show trials, no Freedom, possibly gulags and mass executions out of “necessity”.    We are part of what the left in America has been planning for 100 years and it’s too late to stop it.    We counted on conservatives who conserved nothing and courts that were/are part of the cabal.   We put our faith in Law and Justice when we should have put it in God and Smith & Wesson.    
    We allowed the left through legal manipulation to eliminate the death penalty for those who deserved it and support abortion for those who don’t.    We found out all the lies of the left from “This is a Nation of Laws” to “We’re all in this together”  to be nothing more than a planned gaslighting propaganda effort.  
    Be ready.   Ask God to forgive us and the country that has forsaken Him.  

  1. You’re probably right, but I’m a diehard. Just too pig-headed stubborn to give up.
    I’ll go down swinging and fighting.

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