Yet Another Bridges & Roads Project

Well, by now, we should know that that means.

Forget the fact that this is Yet Another Bridges & Roads Project (YABARP). Forget that, even for a Make-Work project, this contains a LOT of unrelated pork – the link above has a short list of SOME of them.

Remember back just a few years ago? When the Wonder-Worker, the Light-Bringer, rammed his “shovel-ready” bill, containing pork galore for the unions, state governments (particularly those with padded payrolls and massive over-spending), and corporate interests?

Yeah, we do, too. $800 Billion – that was before politicians discovered the magic of the T in front of the price. Here’s a breakdown of where the money went.

A substantial part of that money, meant to go to teachers, instead went to paying women – both White and Black women, but mostly White – to NOT teach.

That’s right.

They were paid NOT to teach. You see, they were “education experts” who kept us in after-school meetings (SO many meetings), and led us through “Delphi Method” pseudo-participation meetings, until we “came to the realization” that the problem of students failures were “systemic” in nature, and therefore, students needed to become aware of their victimization by American society, so that, after “empowering” themselves, they would FINALLY and with no effort start learning.

I’m not kidding – that was the essence of it.

They sweetened the deal for teachers, generally, by paying them their hourly rate for not teaching. And, said nothing when many people (mostly Black women) whipped out their phones and ignored the whole thing.

God help the White Person who felt entitled to display their contempt for the process!

That was around 2009. But, the process had started earlier. In the 2008-2009 school year, under the direction of a “Progressive” principal and leadership team, we saw an already troubled school, in a poorly performing system, just about completely collapse – in one year.

Honestly, I don’t know what happened after that year – I found another job, and left. I do know that several of the teachers were so demoralized they acted like whipped dogs – cowering, doing any silly thing their master barked out, a shell of their former self.

The advantage I and my husband had was that we taught science, in a region of the country that had many districts short of certified instructors. It made it relatively easy to leave and find another job.

There were still meetings at the new school, and several after. By then, the SJW bandwagon had extended their tentacles deep into the education establishment, which their firm conviction that there are NO failing students, just a school system that WANTS them to fail.

Don’t ask me about that twisted reasoning. I don’t understand it either.

The greedy recipients of this next anticipated windfall can’t wait. The states cannot possibly make up the shortfalls without assistance, unless they commit an unthinkable act – get rid of the highly paid Leftists in government work. (Amazingly, the Leftists are ALWAYS the highest paid in any organization).

When business encounters a shortage of money, they take action to pare any unnecessary costs – and that usually means people who aren’t contributing to the bottom line.

When the government encounters a shortage of money, they ALSO take action – to raise taxes (a bad move when the taxpayers are already having trouble meeting their obligations). Or, for the federal government, go into debt.

Debt, for the government, is an addiction. Only state constitutions requiring a balanced budget prevent it in most states. Expect amendments to those constitutions, to permit long term debt, to be the next step for any state that is stupid enough to elect the Left.

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    • Evil Franklin on April 2, 2021 at 4:50 PM

    Keynes would be proud.

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