And the Media Hits Just Keep Coming

It’s not just the Official News. It’s not just commentary and opinion.

It’s the permeation of just about every form of mass communication – TV, cable, music, movies, print media.

And, now, the more technically-oriented media – Wired Magazine (although, the content has deteriorated from its initial issues, and become Just Another Woke-a$$ Takeover.

I fisk one of the recent offerings, on the Truly Tragic Case of a Gentle, Innocent Lass Who is Violently Assaulted by the Insurrectionist White Supremacists here.


  1. You’re being too kind, I think. I’m going to file her ‘incident’ under “never happened.” The real giveaway is when she said that she ‘hadn’t realized that the blue haired social justice warrior had entered the pantheon.’ Utter nonsense. No leftist would be blind to that.
    She is a walking stereotype, and thus she imagines herself victimized by another stereotype. Again, never happened, but it got her a spot in Wired.

  2. I agree with Skeptic.

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