This Needs to Stop

But, given the culture in the Modern Democratic Party, will not – as long as the *Resident, and much of Congress and the Senate, are in thrall to China and other countries.

I’ve long been around Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and other Asian groups). It’s pretty much the standard today in STEM fields.

Most are fine people; a few are racist and classist. They are generally OK about concealing their contempt for those who don’t share their ethnicity, but when 2 or more are together, they will chatter about “Those People!”. No, the subject of their disdain is not “How great Americans are!”, but “They’re stupid, uncultured, and ugly”. They say that for ANY American – no matter what the ethnnicity – learn to listen for the phrases – you will likely be amazed at how often they use them.

The Tech companies don’t care. They just want their work done as cheaply as possible. And, once the workforce reaches a critical number, a NON-Asian candidate hasn’t a chance at being hired.

Worse, from the companies’ standpoint, many of those hires aren’t all that good. It’s not uncommon for the so-called tech expert to be clueless about the skill they were hired for (often they are a relative of someone else on the staff). So, what happens?

The new guy OWES the person who allowed them to get the treasured work permit; often, a large part of their salary is kicked back to that person. That’s why they’re always broke, and live in group housing. That concept of mutual obligations is foreign to most Americans, and death to a meritocracy.

Technical ignorance? Phfft. Easily handled by offloading the task to someone more technically proficient in India, working long distance. Miraculously, the fixed code will appear by the next day – it’s not brilliance, but off-shoring the task.

If the ethnicity is Chinese, expect China-favorable code to be inserted into the application. American software is a time-bomb waiting to go off. That’s yet another reason to use, and get familiar with, Linux. Across the planet, Geeks with No Life are pouring over the code, looking for just such malicious insertions, and working out fixes and work-arounds for the problems.

BTW, that article at the top of the post? Read the comments. They will give you a fuller picture of the reality than any “news” organization will.

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  1. And, once the workforce reaches a critical number, a NON-Asian candidate hasn’t a chance at being hired.

    Many moons ago I was at a start-up which folded.  The C-suite, bless them, helped us all find jobs which resulted in several of us jumping at once into another company as a group.  And, boy, did we stick out.  The head of the group was Chinese, and every other person in the group besides us was Chinese.
    We all soon evaporated.  I ended up getting a full-ride scholarship plus stipend to one of the best graduate schools in the country for what I do. 😀

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