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     It’s one thing to be wrong. It’s another to be unhappy about being shown to have been wrong. It’s quite another to insist that one’s position, despite a monumental record of error, failure, and outright deceit, is privileged:

     This man, this supposed medical expert, has been in government employ for more than half a century. If he’s ever been right about anything over that span, I cannot find any documentation of it. Yet he is as arrogant as if he’d predicted a half-century of medical developments with 100% accuracy.

     This is the creature who presumes to decree your medical-treatment choices, and those of your children, and their children unto the end of Mankind…which, if we were to follow his dictates, would come a lot sooner than otherwise.

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  1. I view this as stagecraft by Hewitt. He’s long been a GOPe operative and so not viewed well by those who’ve watched him.

    So he pointedly confronts FauXi. Gets him to admit not a thing would convince him to step down. But then, so what?

    Answer: To raise the boiling point of  “a significant part of America” whom Hewitt “believes” don’t trust FauXi.

    It’s working too, ain’t it?

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