Taking On the Fact-Checkers

A journalist with a good reputation, and some deep pockets is suing Facebook, and their Fact-Checkers. FB choose to use a separate company from FB, apparently under the impression that the hands-length relationship with the Fact-Checkers would give them protection against any consequences.

That relationship is what lawyers call an Agency Relationship, and it doesn’t keep them from ALL or ANY liability for the actions of their agents. I have NO doubt that discovery will uncover the interwoven ties between FB and their agents. That will put them at jeopardy of liability for defamation of character, financial consequences for those actions, and even punitive damages, should, as I am fairly confident of, FB be determined to have tried to hide the evidence from the court, or even flat-out lied under oath.

In other words, bend over FB. You’re about to get a cavity search.

UPDATE – I’ve been trying to get some work done online, but the internet is incredibly slow right now. It’s likely my system, but it’s frustrating me no end. So, I’m going to get offline, and get some Real Life stuff done.

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    • Dystopic on December 16, 2021 at 1:38 PM

    “Fact Checker” is a kind of NewSpeak Orwellian construction. I suspect that, deep down, even Leftists know that. Of course, it doesn’t bother them as it supports their objectives – so long as they remain in power.

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