Brutal But More Likely Than Not

     Yes, I’m back. I needed a few days off, in part to get The Discovery Phase released, but in larger part to flush the static out of my head. Anyway, it’s hard to type with your fists. Puts a lot of stress on the keyboard, too.

     This morning, I encountered an unusually frank comment at PJ Media:

     Let’s be brutally honest…if the Republicans win, the Democrats and their street thugs are going to riot. They’re going to go violent. They planned on it if Biden hadn’t “won” in 2020 and they’ll absolutely do it in 2024…nationally. It will likely be worse than summer 2020, because they’ll be aiming for full insurrection. And the next Republican will likely have to face it down without the initial support of the DOJ, FBI, and military, because those organizations have been thoroughly corrupted by the Democrats. So if a Republican wins, they’re going to have to clean house in the leadership and ranks of those organizations and they’re going to have to get the replacements confirmed and up to speed fast, likely faster than any have been confirmed before. And if they fail, the country could very well collapse.

     I find the above highly plausible. The Democrats have already “tested their weapons:” the street riots, the media falsifications, the pusillanimity of local and state law enforcers, the grudging compliance of the Fortune 5000, and the enthusiastic compliance of the Deep State. They know that those things will serve them. They also know that the Republican Establishment will not support President Trump wholeheartedly, as they’re more akin to the Deep State in attitudes and preferences than to Donald Trump. So – assuming the GOP’s strategists and kingmakers can somehow prevent primary voters from voting their preferences – the next Republican presidential nominee will not be Donald Trump. As the Democrats have already demonstrated how to prevent primaries from thwarting the will of the elite, it remains only for the GOP’s leadership cadre to emulate their methods.

     Leave aside whether a second term for President Trump would be the best thing for the country. Politicians and political planners don’t think in those terms. As David Friedman told us in The Machinery of Freedom, political parties exist solely to put their candidates into office. They don’t have convictions of any kind; institutions never do. Nor are they immune to the dynamic that the late Jerry Pournelle expressed in his Iron Law of Bureaucracy.

     The perpetual control of the federal government is what the Democrats have been maneuvering toward since Woodrow Wilson. They’ve very nearly achieved it. The Deep State is on their side. Worse, they’ve almost broken the Republican Party to harness as a tame opposition, dedicated to the same sort of permanent Establishmentarian regime, that will remain docile as long as it gets a piece of the action. I submit recent Congressional Republicans’ acquiescence to the Democrats’ agenda as Exhibit One.

     Yes, this is a bleak forecast. It presages the ongoing decline of all things American, including (of course) every one of our individual rights. What, then, must we do?

     Don’t look at me for answers. I have none, except a mass popular revolt and the subsequent reinstitution of Constitutionally limited government. But no one’s anxious to take the musket down from the mantel. After all, a rebellion against the Usurpers and their handmaidens would be messy. You could break a nail.

     (See why I needed those few days off?)

     Voting won’t do it. Merely speaking out won’t do it. Passive resistance, if it were sufficiently complete and widespread, might do it, though the Usurpers have a number of countermeasures at their disposal. An armed rebellion would have the best chance…but there’s no longer any guarantee that the good guys would win.

     The American Revolution of 1775-1781 succeeded for several reasons, none of which apply today. First, the ruling authorities had to fight the rebels from far away, with all the logistical difficulties that entails. Second, the rebel forces were military innovators, though that’s seldom given much attention in the histories: they fought with makeshift but effective tactics against an army that was, to put it gently, too attached to historical practices. Third, the military technology of the time had not produced any mass-effect weaponry applicable to land warfare. Fourth, there were no lapdog media capable of assisting the rulers in their pacification efforts. Fifth – and this might be the capper – there was no centralized financial system the rulers could exploit to choke off the rebellion’s funds.

     It’s not looking good, Gentle Reader. Not at all.

     Perhaps I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.


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    • George Mckay on December 14, 2021 at 8:51 AM

    Spot on again Francis.  I am about to do something I never thought I would have to do OR wanted to do.  I am about to purchase a gun for not only protection but, to ensure my families survival.

    The vermin being put on the streets by hapless and degenerate DA’s, put in place due to Soros ill-gotten gains are going to be the death of us all should we NOT arm ourselves and then have the balls to do the unthinkable – actually harm another human.  I am not a timid man, no, I sometimes (dw says a lot) spout off at the mouth more than my 5 foot 6 inch frame should.

    I have come to the understanding that all of us are ultimately responsible for our OWN outcome.  Not the police, not the government and surely not the media.  None of them give a hoot in hell about ANY of us – you know, rabble.  Our very existence relies on us and us alone.  I cannot rely on Bidet to protect me and my dear family.  I cannot rely on CNN to keep me safe and warm and cozy.

    In fact, quite the opposite is actually the case.  Media and Government are in cahoots and have been for years.  I can trace this back to Marx’s time and his dearest follower Walter Duranty only confirmed what so many had suspected.  This is nothing new and the terrible fix has been in for more than a century.  We have either been blind or did not want to see the truth.

    Some people tried to warn us.  George Orwell, Robert Heinlein and even Ayn Rand but, until now nobody either believed it possible or plausible that such heresy was indeed true.  They are not only AT the gates they have burst in and demanded all our allegiance and fealty or pay the price.

    Oh, they won’t kill us all as they need some labor to do their bidding but, most of the rabble will be exterminated or placed in reeducation camps never to be seen again.  Is this what it has come down to?   An orange-faced man does great things and the only they can stop him is to lie, cheat and steal an election?

    Pray for our Republic as the future is bleak and lifeless should we fail.

      • Original Grandpa on December 14, 2021 at 2:01 PM

      George, I admit I see your conundrum re:arming yourself, and your reluctance. I’m sure you realize you’re late to the party; however your decision that you must arm yourself is a very small first step.
      Once you have a firearm and ammunition, a cleaning kit, and etc., you must address the most important aspect of self defense – realizing ‘you are the weapon’ – everything else, simply tools. You must develop this mindset, or the enemy will take your tools and harm you and your family with them. They have shown themselves to be remorseless and brutal, you must be as well. When you have made your purchases, get training; even if all you can do is dry fire drills, or watch some of the videos and written training of the reputable trainers you can find online. But get to know your new tool well, and take care of it as if the life of you and yours depend on it, because they likely will.
      And, if you are only able to secure one tool – make it a rifle.

    • Warren on December 14, 2021 at 9:22 AM

    How would an economic collapse and an implosion of the financial system impact your assessment of the chances of a general uprising? If any

      • ChuckInBama on December 14, 2021 at 10:29 AM

      Warren – I was wondering the same thing myself. I see financial collapse an advantage we on the right will be able to exploit. Once people are seperated from their Big Macs and trips to Disneyworld, they won’t mind “breaking a nail” or two. And frankly, I don’t see how the Fed can keep the economy from collapsing at this point. The communists in power must be in fear of the bubbles bursting any time.

    • CPL Antero Rokka on December 14, 2021 at 10:26 AM

    Yes, yes, Brother, Francis. A lot of what you say is true.

    We are all indeed trapped on a longboat with half the rowers not rowing and doing their part, but actually trying to scuttle the vessel!

    What would a pagan Norseman do? I’d surmise three things: throw the wretches overboard, or, if impossible to do–quickly steer for the safety of the nearest spit of land, and then un-ass, leaving the boat to flounder and sink with its mutineers. Last resort–“eliminate” the opposition which is indeed messy and no guarantee of outcome.

    “Rule of Benedict” dream? Mebbe.

    All I know is that FUSA is entering into a time and space continuum of an extraordinary multiplex never before seen in history–for the very reasons you advance like distances, innovation, mass weaponry, media.

    Take the opposite reasoning: any small part of the opposition’s matrix failing, causes their framework to totter and eventually crumble. Look at history: for want of a nail, the horse’s shoe was lost, for want of a horse the battle was lost.

    Complicated machinery tends to fly apart very quickly when not properly maintained, lubricated, or looked after. Look at history’s revolutions–some wins, some losses:

    Since we are in much of an informational war now, it’s always best not to tell or reinforce to the troops preparing for battle that they are dead men walking before the bloodletting begins. Yet, sometimes that imparts an incredible foolhardiness and bravery in the men knowing their “number is up.” We shall see.

    I know, I know–times are tough–VERY TOUGH. But, I’ve been on some championship teams that never questioned their fighting spirit and eventual goals. To do otherwise, you may as well throw in the towel and expect the worst.

    Be in a better mood!

      • Redstorm on December 14, 2021 at 3:13 PM

      “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” — VADM James Stockdale, USN

      The most brilliant man I ever had the good fortune to have had a conversation with on this earth.

      The way forward is not evident, but we have to go through it, and triumph along the way. The trouble is, if we become ungovernable and the federal government attempts to fight us, financially or militarily, we will so weaken what is left of this country that we will in turn have to fight off China, Russia, or anyone else.

    • The Duke of New York on December 14, 2021 at 11:45 AM

    “The next Republican”,…Lol, stop, I can’t laugh any harder.  Did you not see what happened last time?  What makes you think there will EVER be another Republican president, even a fake one like Trump?

    1. You plainly have a reading deficiency. Here at Liberty’s Torch we expect our readers to be willing and able to read complete sentences. If that’s too taxing for you, perhaps you should patronize less demanding sites. “CNN Online” or “Talking Points Memo” might be more your speed.

        • John on December 14, 2021 at 12:35 PM

        The Dems stole the last election. With no consequences. Why would they NOT steal the next?

        1. They might. They will certainly try their hardest. But the future hasn’t happened yet, so we can’t be certain. That having been said, I don’t think it would matter. The GOP is no more to be trusted than the Democrats. Their recent acquiescence to the Democrats in almost all things speaks more loudly than their party platform.

    • John on December 14, 2021 at 12:33 PM

    Even if we had a mass popular revolt, there would be no reinstitution of the Constitution. A strong man would arise to “bring order” to the masses. Don’t know where it would go from there, but do you really think Russia and China, (hell probably even Mexico and and Canada) wouldn’t poke their noses into it? Bad times coming, for sure.

    • NOG on December 14, 2021 at 12:37 PM

    I don’t think it is helpful to compare today with 1776. Every conflict has its own conditions. The DC sewer (I like swamps, they are beautiful natural places to my eye) requires vast sums of money coming in every day for it to function and survive. It is a complicated system that is most fragile. A single man with a 50 dollar angle grinder can cut the up wind support of a TV/radio tower in less than a minute. The effect would be huge. Multiply that times 100 and now a lot of tax money is not being collected nor propaganda being broadcast. One or two knowledgeable people could shut down a natural gas pipeline supplying the northeast. The effect would be huge and very costly. Imagine people that know cable systems taking down the TV cable in major cities? Less than a thousand people could cripple the tax flow to the sewer. Print all you want the money will quickly become worthless. Then how will the sewer still function. Loss of control will happen quickly. No need for ” mass-effect weaponry”. How useful was that in Afghanistan? Imagine fedgov employees fearing to show up to work because all over the country independent Americans were killing them as they sat in traffic? How would TPTB manage thousands of independent unpredictable actions occurring all over the nation? They cannot because they live inside their bubble without respect to everyday Americans. They would never even dream a nightmare like this is possible. I suspect the British royalty felt the same way. Question is what would become of our country after all this?

    • Roll-aid on December 14, 2021 at 1:16 PM

    From the original post

    “Fifth – and this might be the capper – there was no centralized financial system the rulers could exploit to choke off the rebellion’s funds.”

    Absolutely correct.  I’m a little surprised I have not seen much discussion about the fact that the Feds could probably easily choke to death any  “insurrection” by simply turning off  the money.   No bank accounts, no credit cards, no job, no savings.     How far would any serious  resistance — active or passive — go if once any individual or institution  identified as being associated with it — by fair means or foul —  means they are now and will be forever financially ruined for the rest of their life?

      • Original Grandpa on December 14, 2021 at 2:20 PM

      Roll, a little food for thought…
      “Feds could probably easily choke to death any  “insurrection” by simply turning off  the money.   No bank accounts, no credit cards, no job, no savings.”
      This ties in with something the plandemic had me thinking, with jobs/housing/food etc. being what they are… If I was a young father – I recall my mindset – if my family was facing homelessness or hunger, there are very few things ‘off the table’ for providing for them. Remove my saved earnings, my ability to earn, and my ability to take care of my family… what do you suppose happens? I curl up into a ball and die, or – as the memes lately say – “…I just wanted to be left alone.” That concerns me, but it sbould make TPTB think, perhaps even pause; because millions of us – armed, angry, and with little left to lose – is not a place they want to be. Internet and cell service, etc. won’t be required, especially when folks are carrying their rifles down the street to go “express their displeasure”.
      But I’m sure it won’t happen, just as the trolls try to convince us it won’t.
      Until it does.

    • Chas on December 14, 2021 at 1:27 PM

    I would have to say that the “lap dog media” should be the first to be “removed”…

    • Zorost on December 14, 2021 at 2:45 PM

    The only solution that leads to victory is to get local and state political power in a strong enough bloc of states that it can fend off federal overreach.  If necessary, fight a war.

    The Whiskey Rebellion is a great example.  They tarred and feathered tax collectors, then proclaimed their innocence when the army showed up.  When the army left, they went right back to tarring and feathering anyone who tried to collect taxes.  Eventually the army left, and the political party that supported the whiskey tax fell out of power, and the tax was rescinded.  This was with only local power; imagine if they’d had a state government to organize resistance to the army itself, or even threaten the eastern seaboard in retaliation.  It is hopeful that such a state force would have made the federal government think twice about sending the army at all.

    A bunch of individuals spontaneously deciding to revolt has rarely happened in history, and I can’t think of a single example of it actually working.  Or even coming close to working; disorganized mobs got mown down even in the age of swords and shields.

    Many on the Right love to fantasize about a revolt of individuals, but it seems like what they are really fantasizing about is a revolt of OTHER individuals, so they don’t have to leave their EZ chair.  Which is precisely why revolts of individuals are so rare; you need people on a payroll being ordered to fight to get the numbers needed to challenge a government’s people on a payroll being ordered to fight.

    We have blatant tyranny going on, and so far there have been zero acts of actual violence in response to it (not advocating anything, just observing).  Yet the side with armed men on the payroll can get regular people to brutalize the elderly in wheelchairs, shoot people peacefully protesting, arrest and torture peaceful protesters or even just people whose phones show they were in the area of a peaceful protest.  Many of these armed men probably disagree with what they are doing, yet they do it anyway.  This is the difference between the side with Good on their side and nothing else, and the side of Evil with armed men on a payroll in a hierarchy on its side.  Let’s be the force of Good that also has armed men on a payroll in a hierarchy.


    Organizing politically isn’t as cool as thumping ones’ chest on the internet or stocking your basement with an endless variety of expensive weapons, but it is the only route to victory we have.

    • Butch DuCote on December 14, 2021 at 4:30 PM

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate

    The poem sums it up for me. There will be a day when an accounting will be had.

    • Tennessee Budd on December 14, 2021 at 7:38 PM

    I think there are a lot of lessons in the revolution of 1861-65. That was fratricidal, and very, very messy. This time around, we don’t even have the dubious luxury of regional separation–it’s going to be neighbor vs. neighbor.

      • Jean Valley on December 15, 2021 at 2:09 PM

      I’ve met my neighbors.
      I’ll leave it at that…

    • SemperFi, 0321 on December 14, 2021 at 9:02 PM

    The biggest problem in this country is the denial of reality.

    The Democrats and the Republicans are two wings of the same bird, the Uniparty, which is playing both sides against itself. Divide and conquer, because the masses have the attention span and  IQ of small children.

    Thanks to our Bolshevized media,  they pump your heads full of nonsense with talking heads (millionaires, all of them)  who do nothing but spread hope and fear about the daily crisis, all planned and pre-plotted to keep you coming back for more. And dumber than you were yesterday.

    We’ve been under Bolshevik control for over 100 yrs now, and they get richer and more powerful every day from your ignorance of facts. All you have to do is look in the mirror for the reason we’re losing. Listening to liars, looking for an easy way out, and failing to research who you’re playing groupie to. Imagine the surprise when you wake up and realize they lied to you. OMG!

    • Bear Claw Chris Lapp on December 15, 2021 at 11:03 AM

    “Worse, they’ve almost broken the Republican Party to harness as a tame opposition”.

    They did that in the 60’s. Thank you for a most excellent write up your excellency.

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