What’s Next?

I feel as though I need to write this now. Many of my fellow bloggers are posting like they might need to be talked off the ledge, so to speak.

If you accept what they write, it’s all but over, and we never even fired a shot.

Not that I’m the shooting type. Well, I was taught to use a .22, many years ago, by my Daddy (all good Redneck girls are instructed in the proper use of firearms by their Dads, don’cha know?). But, it’s been years since I practiced, and, since an unfortunate wrist injury in my dominant hand, I’ve not tried to get back to it.

But, other than that very mild “insurrection” in January of this year, the Left has been flaunting their “victory” without a worry or serious effort to stop them.

So, no, armed revolution is very unlikely, for now.

Well, then, what CAN we do to stop the UN-American Sons (and Daughters) of Wayward Mothers and Absent Fathers?

Fran says, and I think rightly, that Voting Won’t Do It. So, maybe we stop. Not completely, we still need to show up at the local and possibly the state level (depending on your state’s resistance to the Leftist Juggernaught). So, yeah, vote for the local candidates – work for and contribute to them, as well. That is the level you might call the incubator level, and it allows you to help guide them in the way you want them to represent you.

But, our motto in the future should be NOT ONE MORE RINO! Don’t vote for them, don’t contribute to their campaigns, and make their endorsement or personal recommendations radioactive.

Merely speaking out won’t do it. Can’t argue with Fran there, if by speaking out is meant standing up in public and risking assassination. But, there are other ways to speak:

  • You can try listening to other people’s concerns, and asking clarifying questions.
  • You can chair the meeting, and help keep them on topic – and, off any public speech that is likely to get them arrested.
  • You can volunteer to write the meeting minutes – and THAT gives you a lot of control over the record, and the tone of the meeting.
  • You can create a podcast or video series that allows you to voice your concerns. You can be public about it, or anonymous.
  • You can write the script for others to voice. You can invite the guests, produce, or otherwise work in the background.
  • You can be the Tech Guy that keeps the information flowing.

Fran discusses why the American Revolution worked, and why it wouldn’t today.

Point One was that the British were an ocean away. It’s true that the Overlords aren’t that far away in distance, but they are MORE than an ocean away in support. Outside of the major cities and their nearby Elite bedroom communities, the Leftists have little support. Even in the major cities, the enclaves that house the Elite and the government workers are surrounded by angry, hostile, anarchistic minorities and their allies.

I’m not too impressed by the military and weaponry capabilities of the Left. There are MANY ex-military vets, angry about having been driven out of their service arms, and many of who have actually experienced combat. As the Afghan insurgents showed, high-tech is not always the answer. It doesn’t hurt to have the capabilities, but rebel forces can manage without them.

Drones can be designed and built in the garages of small towns (and, provide a nice tax-free income for fly-over residents). It doesn’t take much to hijack the enemy drones, assuming that you are willing to violate FCC and FAA regs – which I assume is not an issue.

A relatively small group of people can bring down a complex society with a few attacks on chokepoints. Hell, look at the damage the shipping situation has done to the economy. It’s hurting us a little, but it’s KILLING China, who HAS to move their stuff through those ports.


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    • ChuckInBama on December 14, 2021 at 10:42 AM

    You’re right. Voting nationally is not going to get us out of this mess. Nor will control of the local elected officials, because they will always bow down to the inhabitants of the District of Criminals for “moar funding !”. Money controls everything, as it always has. The communist regime that passes for a federal government will exist as long as avarice exists. It is my opinion that we will not be able to regain our Republic unless and until our economy collapses. Well-sated people won’t care about eroding freedoms. Hungry people just might want the scalps of the folks that broke the system.

    • Lyle Joseph Hartman on December 14, 2021 at 2:12 PM

    At this point resist, don’t comply and be ready to suffer the consequences. No masks, not shots, no boosters, no support for unConstitutional politicians, be loud, be active. Also, support those and their families who the PTB target. Be alert, be ready, things could change in an instant.

    • Garry F. Owen, Trooper on December 14, 2021 at 11:12 PM

    The current Military Industrial Complex has been “refined” in the open for the last 20 years. That refinement and the culture, especially at the top, has led to a rigidity and risk aversion. Such things will be exploited by near peer adversaries, and can be exploited in a civil war.

    • NOG on December 15, 2021 at 2:02 PM

    Voting locally? Last election the cheating was done on the local level (as it always has been but with technology much more widespread and vast). It has already been mentioned in the past “I care not who votes, I care who counts the votes”. Local elections are just as corrupted as state and national. Voting will not change anything. Those who have seized power will not allow that power to be taken away without a serious fight.

    I will agree some bloggers need to be talked off the ledge. Things have not even started and they see nothing but failure. As the poster noted above, people that still have a full belly are not going to risk anything but compliance. They just don’t want bad things to happen, but happen it will at some point. Snow sits there, patiently, until that single flake tips it over into the avalanche, causing hell for anything in the way. No one can predict when that snowflake will fall. I do believe those in power want someone to try before things get bad. The resisters will not have the widespread support needed to win. Then people will not think they can change things and just give up. At least that is what those in power believe.

    I don’t think you can compare today with 1776. Very few people were affected by that war and for the majority life went on as usual. Today that is not going to happen. Our system is complex and far larger. Impacts in one place can affect very large areas and potentially nation wide (LA ports anyone?). This system would implode if energy distribution broke down. Who is prepared for that?

    My thoughts run to how can we take down those that have seized power? Like the John Ross novel Unintended Consequences, the only way is not to fight traditional warfare. Just death from a thousand cuts. Make our nation ungovernable to the point it destroys their ability to control. Make them lose their money and power. That to them would be a fate worse than death.

    Final point. I believe we have a fatal flaw in our Constitution. We have a Federal Republic, but 50 (or per Obozo 56) state democracies. Those seeking power have figured this out and use democracy to control vast areas from small population centers. They are hitting way out of their league control wise. Til this is fixed how can you fix anything?

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