We Started as a Bunch of Snowflakes

Not the Soy-Boy kind, but the fragile, white stuff, that falls individually onto the ground.

Many of those flakes quickly disappear, melting away when a little heat is applied.

Others stick around. Eventually, should other flakes land near them, they clump together, and become more likely to survive. Gradually, they form a sturdy snowpack.

That’s it for many of the formerly fragile. Once they find their “peeps”, they hunker down and survive as long as their climate is stable. Nothing wrong with that, it’s the basic nature of snow.

But, sometimes, a disturbance to the snowpack occurs. Something, a nudge from a moving particle, a loud sound that causes vibrations, the increasing weight of the pack making their location less stable – any of those could start some movement.

It generally starts slowly, and affects only the nearby part of the snowpack. That small part might slide away for a distance, then stop. That does happen.

Sometimes, the vibration is too small or subtle to initiate movement; the inertia of the massive pack is too large.

But, when the pack starts moving, and no friction or resistance is great enough to stop its velocity, it gets REALLY exciting (for those not in the pathway). The force of the moving snow dislodges other parts of the pack, and it all starts escalating. The bigger the runaway snow group gets, the more noise it generates, which loosens other nearby snow, and leads to that snow joining the movement.

As the moving snow achieves a greater mass, other snow joins it, eventually combining to form the avalanche, which sweeps all in its path away, and buries a lot of stationary objects in many feet of snow.

Such is our Resistance to the Left. We’re gaining momentum. How do I know?

Let’s Go, Brandon has become a popular catchphrase.

These stickers adorn many gas pumps.

The momentum is building. And, WE helped. From a comment on Ace of Spades, screenshotted below.

BE a part of the avalanche!

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  1. LadyInBlack’s observation strikes me as a consequence of media polarization mirroring general polarization in the populace. As awareness has spread of the barrage of “systemic racism” being fired at us, an ever-greater percentage of white Americans are ignoring the mainstream media in preference for the conservative alternatives: talk radio and conservative outlets on the Internet. But as that has happened, whites’ overall awareness of events and trends that affect whites in particular also grew wider, in an “avalanche effect” similar to the one you described here. So it isn’t necessarily that “our networking” got stronger,” though that might also play into this. The polarization effect itself can explain some of it…perhaps even the greater part.

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