Why this relentless push for war?

If the current Drang nach Osten and demonization of Russia strike you as something pushed by genuinely unhinged people then this excerpt from a thoughtful article will alert you to the real agenda:

Why, you ask, would a world war ever be needed? That’s simple: To deflect their own people’s attention away from what’s happening on their own soil and divert their gaze to a far-off land whose interests bear no connection to their own.

And what’s happening on our own soil right now from which all eyes must be diverted?

They are in the process of establishing their own authoritarian system – a global technocracy in which large cities cooperate with large corporations and the federal government to install a system where everybody must show a digital vaccine passport to go anywhere and do anything.[1]

Stated another way, the coming war “has everything to do with timing and what is happening in the world right now – which is the transformation of the formerly Free World into beachheads of totalitarianism.”

Think New Zealand, and Australia.

Exactly how different are we from them with our

  • relentless, dishonest purges of the military,
  • maniacal pushing of a useless secret sauce with frightful short-term effects and absolutely unknown long-term effects,
  • medical journal fraud,
  • dishonest suppression of alternative, cheaper treatment alternatives,
  • demonization of dissenting medical professionals,
  • attacks on people’s employment,
  • destruction of tens of thousands of small businesses, and
  • vicious attacks on free speech?

Ready for that sixth booster shot, comrade? Good doggie. There’s a free latte in it for you.

Do you recognize anything from America of even 60 years ago? American government now is grotesque, something that is beginning to resemble a corner of a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Nor is daily life on a personal level free of alien encounters with possessed humanoids.

[1] “As the sound of war drums grows louder …the real enemy remains hidden behind the curtain.” By Leo Hohmann, LeoHohmann.com, 1/24/22.

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    • Mark on January 25, 2022 at 9:54 PM

    Unless Putin is doing the bidding of the US, I don’t think “war” is a move to make us forget COVID and all the ills of the Biden administration.   It’s a move of aggression against a weak administration.

    He wants the Ukraine and believes he can take it.    China is imposing itself on the world stage, and Putin is threated by the thought of being a diminutive player on the world stage.  The Ukraine has industrial and natural riches, in addition to access to the Black Sea.

    We think we can get lasting peace, but the sad reality is that world history is filled with war, with the occasional peaceful period thrown in.

    The question is whether or not (or when and where) good people should try to stop evil, or not.

    (Not that we don’t have plenty of evil in the US that we’re doing little about, but that’s another topic all together.)

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