This image speaks concisely and clearly of what has been done to normal Americans in the name of “tolerance:”

     If it’s normal and wholesome, whatever it is, it’s under attack today. From the Left, of course. The Left must destroy the chief buttresses to our sense of normality before it can remake the nation according to its preferred schematic. The Obamunists tried mightily to do so. They were barely halted short of the finish line by a resurgent Republican wave that deprived Obama of a compliant Congress. The Usurpers don’t think they can be halted. Their successful theft of the 2020 elections has persuaded them that they can no longer be ejected from power…and they could well be right.

     How’s your pantry looking, Gentle Reader?

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  1. Not as full as it probably SHOULD be.
    I’m preoccupied with income tax filings this weekend, household chores (my grandson is available for grunt work, and I’m planning to take advantage), and healing my battered body (the local switches in air pressure and temperature are KILLING my joints).
    But, life is good – all friends and family are healthy, no one is going hungry, and many even have some cash/barterables put away.
    My hierarchy of concern:

    Family/friend? Those take priority.
    Near to me geographically? 2nd in line.
    Those in which I have a stake? Just below.
    Gossip/blathering/pontificating or otherwise out of my interest/ability to affect? Don’t care.

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