Roe And Race

     While we’re on the subject of Roe v. Wade — we are, aren’t we? – consider the reaction of this crowd of “medical professionals” to a simple question from an unidentified person:

     Is there really anything more that need be said about this? Abortion annually takes more black lives per capita than those of other races. Why? Might it have anything to do with Margaret Sanger – she founded Planned Parenthood, don’t y’know – explicitly advocating the use of abortion to reduce the black population of these United States? Might it have anything to do with the unusual preponderance of Planned Parenthood establishments in or very near to majority-black neighborhoods?

     It’s been claimed that “hookup culture” will take a body blow if Roe is overturned. Will it really? If so, will the effects on the races be proportional to their percentage of the population? Why would you think so? Considering that per capita, both abortions and out-of-wedlock births are heavily slanted toward black Americans?

     Just a little more food for thought.

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    • George Mckay on May 6, 2022 at 6:08 PM

    I approach this from a moral viewpoint.  I believe that all human life has value and that a “non-viable tissue mass” that abortionists and their ilk call a fetus in the womb should be preserved unless and ONLY if the Mother’s life is in danger.   Sorry, angst is not danger.

    The abortionists (murderers) will tell you that coat hanger and turkey baster backdoor abortions will run rampant.  I really don’t think that is true.  Maybe, just maybe it will cause some of those who have no problem with free and unencumbered sex to take pause.

    I know, it is a big maybe but, I believe in people and that given the choices that most will do the right thing.  Maybe I am a dreamer but, King had a dream and it almost came to pass.  We all know who destroyed that though, don’t we?

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