Your Papers, “Please” Part 2

     I know most Gentle Readers disdain to watch videos – and the longer the video, the less likely you’ll watch it. I can’t criticize that; I’m that way myself. But I hope you’ll make an exception for this one:

     If you don’t have the time or the patience, here’s the whole thing in bullet points:

  • The COVID-19 virus is an artificial product from the Wuhan Institute of Virology;
  • Washington, the Red Chinese government, and the media collaborated in suppressing all information about this;
  • The restrictions inflicted upon us in response to the virus crashed the American economy, destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses, put 22 million Americans out of work, and added ten trillion dollars to our national debt;
  • The story is about to repeat with the monkeypox virus, which is the current focus of experimentation at Wuhan.

     As something of a grace note, consider this: if it were not for the artificially induced nationwide panic over COVID-19, the ubiquitous and infamous “drop boxes” used to fabricate fraudulent ballots for the November 2020 elections would never have been foisted upon us. COVID-19 was essential to the Left’s plan to steal the elections.

     Consider the convenient way COVID-19 has been used to impose new social, economic, and political controls on all Americans. Consider particularly the demands for a “COVID passport.” Such a requirement edged toward becoming law for several months. Fortunately, Americans became sufficiently irritated by the restrictions and the fear porn to return to our normal patterns of life in defiance of the ukases of our “health authorities.”

     And just about entirely because of America’s response to COVID-19, China will soon become the dominant economic power of the world.

     Tucker Carlson calls this “the greatest crime in history.” For my money, he’s not exaggerating. And our Usurper-dominated federal government is a major co-conspirator in it.

     You’ve seen this quote before:

     “When man believed that happiness was dependent upon God, he killed for religious reasons. When he believed that happiness was dependent upon the form of government, he killed for political reasons….After dreams that were too long, true nightmares…we arrived at the present period of history. Man woke up, discovered that which we always knew, that happiness is dependent upon health, and began to kill for therapeutic reasons….It is medicine that has come to replace both religion and politics in our time.” – Adolfo Bioy Casares



     I wrote this essay long years before the COVID-19 era. The core of the thing is our exaggerated fear of pain, infirmity, and death. Americans whose forebears charged into machine-gun fire on the beaches of Normandy have become functional hypochondriacs. We cringe in terror before every possibility, great or small, real or fanciful, that our bodies might falter and fail us.

     They who seek unlimited power over all things, in perpetuity, have drawn the moral. They’ve already used our fear against us. They’ll use it again, over and over, until we regain our spines, rip it from their hands, and cast them down.

     Be not afraid!


    • Steve Walton on July 9, 2022 at 8:46 AM

    Actually, no. The vaccine that COVID-19 “required” is the greatest crime in history. Whereas the virus doesn’t kill 99% of the people who get it, the vaccine will kill or shorten the lifespan of nearly all who get it. And if it doesn’t get you quickly enough, you will be required to keep getting boosters until it does.

    This cannot be proven, because when the blood clots, or neurological problems, or other “unknown” issues finally get you, it will be years away from the cause. Evidence will only be circumstantial, quite easy for the courts to handwave away.

    They truly intend to reduce the population to what they consider the planet’s carrying capacity, a number measured in millions, not billions. This is not only a heinous crime, it is the greatest genocide in all of human history.

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