International Cooperation and Competition

It’s not all – or even mostly – about love and peace and being a beacon to the world.

It’s about which nations WIN.

Now, that’s a hard idea for Modern Women – and their sorta-Male Allies – to wrap their heads around. Faced with a harsh reality – that, generally, nations will try to get the most resources, best defense, and greatest ability to influence world policy in THEIR favor – women’s eyes will spin around like pinballs, and they will be unable to function except to sputter “American Hegemony!” and “Climate Crisis” and “Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic” et al.

Addressing the issue – that, either we make all efforts to see that American interests are protected, our resources not plundered by corporations eager to make a better (cheaper) deal with OTHER countries, and our borders secure – or we die as an independent nation.

There is no “But, the Higher Good!” or “We need to set a Higher Moral Example” or “How can you let the CHILDREN suffer?”.

It’s US, or THEM.

That’s why is was such a surprise to read an essay in The Federalist by a woman to GETS it.

It underlines the idea that we need to begin promoting the idea that, for most women, their contributions to improving the human race is best effectuated by working relatively locally – in their communities, homes, churches, and city, and country level government. That’s the level most women can manage, compatible with their responsibilities in their family, and any paid work that they may be performing. Too many women aspire to national/international fame, rather than handle the tasks that they are well suited for.

Yes, I did end that sentence with a preposition – I’m from Cleveland, and that’s the way we roll – deal with it.

It’s not the scope of work that leads to interviews on morning talk shows. Women following this pathway may be little known outside of their area of influence. But, within that circle, they will be the go-to person, trusted to handle life’s pointy edges, and ease other’s lives.

That’s the kind of life that ends with a full funeral, and tears all around from all those who were lucky enough to know that person. That’s not a bad way to go. It’s not a paragraph in the history books, but it’s a lot of lives influenced by a life of service, strong moral foundation, and the goal to make better lives for those within their sphere of influence.

Many men would find that sort of life a worthy one for themselves.

So, my advice for most of us – start local, focus your efforts close to home.

Leave the cut-throat international and national fights to those who relish the battle.

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