The Rulers

     To learn who rules over you, simply look to those you are not allowed to criticize. [Multiply attributed, most often to Voltaire.]

     The above seems sound. Certainly many aristocracies treated the criticism of the rulers — lese majeste — as a serious offense. In some such lands it was treated more harshly than murder. However, if we Twenty-First Century Americans steer our attention by that counsel, we find ourselves trying to look in many directions at once. It’s enough to cause neck strain.

     Here are a few of the groups the criticism of whom is treated savagely:

  • Negroes,
  • Amerinds,
  • Homosexuals,
  • Transgenders,
  • Illegal immigrants,
  • Pro-abortion activists,
  • Mouthy leftist women,
  • Members of the Biden clan.

     The backblast for criticizing any of the above categories can be murderous. Persons who are members of more than one of the protected categories get special shielding. (Why else would Elizabeth Warren have pretended to have Amerind ancestry all this time?) He who can claim membership in three or more of them automatically gets immunity from everything. He could rape a nun at high noon in the middle of Times Square and receive a police escort back to his house. (Don’t ask me to cite particular instances. I need to clean and oil the guns and put out fresh claymores before I have to fend off another mob.)

     Indeed, even associating a protected group with some disapproved behavior is enough to bring the howlers to your doorstep. Consider homosexuals and pederasty. It’s never been in doubt that the sexual molestation of young boys is a homosexual behavior. Attempting to argue otherwise only makes you look like a fool. So those determined to “protect” homosexuals immediately leap to spittle-flecked invective. “The haters must be silenced!” they shriek in chorus. (It gives them a wee bit of pain to note that among the reasons Catholic clergy have been found guilty of pederasty is the seminaries’ recent “open door” policy toward homosexuals. This might be one of the reasons for the recent attempts to normalize pedophilia, though research continues.)

     It doesn’t take a Certified Galactic Intellect to detect the connecting thread: all the enumerated groups are Leftist mascots. Once an organization or institution has been suborned by the Left, it will resolutely refrain from any emission that might be seen as criticism of a Leftist mascot group. And the rulers will protect their mascots. Got to keep the coalition together, don’t y’know. So the Left’s tenderness toward homosexuals over the spread of monkeypox should come as no surprise:

     California State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) released a statement on Wednesday warning local health officials report they would run out of monkeypox vaccine later in the week.

     “Today, the San Francisco Department of Public Health announced that the Department is about to run out of monkeypox vaccine,” Senator Wiener said in a written statement. “Its San Francisco General Hospital monkeypox vaccine clinic will be temporarily suspended after today (Wednesday).”

     The senator said the exhaustion of the vaccine supply comes as San Francisco and other communities see increases in monkeypox infections and exposures.

     “We need to be very clear where the responsibility lies for this completely avoidable situation: the federal government,” Wiener stated. “Failure to control this outbreak will result in intense — and completely unnecessary — misery for many people, particularly gay and bisexual men.”

     At the other end of the country, New York City officials report the monkeypox virus is spreading at a rapid pace, Breitbart News reported. Cases in New York City account for a full 30 percent of all cases in the United States — 170 cases during the first two weeks of July.

     Wiener might reap some reproof for daring to mention that “gay and bisexual men” are particularly at risk from this disease that’s been exceedingly rare in the West until now. But perhaps he’ll get away with it this once. Homosexuals are indeed the persons most at risk for monkeypox. The spread of the disease has been closely associated with a practice prevalent among homosexuals: the open-door orgy, in which many men who are nearly all strangers to one another indulge in multi-partner anal sex.

     Yes, that’s still going on, particularly on the coasts. Even in the age of AIDS.

     You might think that our nation’s “health authorities” would issue some cautionary words about such doings. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, and I’d advise you not to hold your breath while you wait. Hearken to the mighty Ace:

     Note that monkeypox is not technically a sexually transmitted disease, but it is transmitted by close skin-to-skin contact, and that can only occur in a handful of human interactions. Sex, of course. Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling. Other kinds of contact sports.

     And that’s about it.

     And you can only spread it if you’re touching many people in this way. A man and wife can’t spread it to each other; they’d have to have been infected by skin-to-skin contact from an outside party.

     That’s why this is mostly being spread by gay men at orgies and raves and through anonymous sex. Sex is a main way to spread it, and you need to be in physical contact with multiple people to both catch it and then retransmit it.

     And yet: There are no advisories from the CDC telling gay men to cool it with the orgies and anonymous sex. No stern warnings to… not even go celibate, but just pick one sexual partner for the duration of the pandemic and be monogamous temporarily.

     No, that’s too much of an imposition on the gay community.

     That underscores the Left’s protectiveness toward this important mascot group. But wait: there’s more! The Usurper Regime is ramping up an effort to use monkeypox as a successor to COVID-19. Keeping people terrified of another ominous disease – one that they probably won’t catch, those monogamous non-assfucking prudes! – would be a perfect way to reinstitute the conditions that allowed the Democrats to steal the 2020 elections. And just in time for the disastrously looming midterms, at that:

     But when this spreads out to the general population, they’ll have no problem telling us our kids will have to remain locked in their homes for a year, will they?… the left’s constituent groups are never told not to do the things they like doing. If there’s a forbiddance needed, then all of society is told to lock down.

     Indeed. But that having been said, I’d give odds that in the midst of such a lockdown, open-door homosexual orgies would go on as usual. There would be little or no change to the behavior and practices of coastal homosexuals…and the rulers would turn a blind eye.


     What follows might strike my Gentle Readers as a complete change of subject. I maintain that it is immensely relevant to the matters already addressed in this screed. Judge for yourself:

     What if twenty, or thirty, or fifty cities in America each had some sort of religious procession or pilgrimage yearly? And could draw thousands – or more?

     I don’t mean a march. There’s still a place for a March for Life, since the fight to protect the unborn is far from over. And there’s certainly plenty of reason to hold marches for other issues as well. But these are directed to political goals. I’d like to see the Church in America develop public events that have a solely religious or spiritual character. Other effects, I’m convinced, would follow.

     They would not be easy to organize. And need not be overly ambitious. At first. It’s hard enough to get people outside for emotional issues like protecting innocent human life. But even if they started small, the eventual results might just surprise us.

     The above comes from Robert Royal’s “A (Possibly) Immodest Proposal,” which he published yesterday, for the feast day of Saint James the Apostle. He opened his brief essay by describing the Camino, The Way of Saint James in Spain, a pilgrimage which attracts thousands of participants every year. Does Mr. Royal’s suggestion seem likely to be reified here in America? Approximately one quarter of all Americans are self-described Catholics, so why not?

     One reason is that the Left’s mascot groups hate the Catholic Church and everything it stands for. They’d make their opposition public, noisy, and slanderous. Americans have become so averse to confrontation that even were the Left not in control of our political and cultural institutions today, the great majority of us would refrain from anything that might attract a Leftist mascot group’s ire. Given current conditions, violent assaults on an openly organized Catholic pilgrimage would be more likely than not. As with the open-door homosexual orgies, the rulers would probably look away — if they dared to authorize such an event in the first place. I can easily imagine our Legacy Media treating such a pilgrimage as an offense against “tolerance,” violence in itself.

     You cannot tell a homosexual that what he’s doing is wrong without expecting a violent backblast. These are people whose sexual proclivity is their whole self-concept. He who tells them that the eternal consequences of their behavior will be terrible, is simply not to be borne. And the rulers will be on their side from first to last.


     Recently, Congressman Matt Gaetz earned my admiration for something he said, and for his rebuff to an attempt to make him retract it, or at least publicly regret it:

     On Saturday, Gaetz spoke to college students at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, saying women protesting abortion access are less likely to get pregnant because they aren’t attractive.

     “Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions?” Gaetz said. “Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb.”…

     Channel 3 then asked Gaetz two follow-up questions:

  • Channel 3: Is it safe to say that, based off your comments, you’re suggesting that these women at these abortion rallies are ugly and overweight?
  • Gaetz: “Yes”
  • Channel 3: What do you say to people who think those comments are offensive?
  • Gaetz: “Be offended.”

     Gaetz’s kind of lese majeste is exactly what we need. Doing lots more of the same could very well be the key to mobilizing what Kurt Schlichter called “the Normals:” we who believe in freedom, individual responsibility and accountability, and the Christian norms upon which America was founded. To openly criticize, even condemn those who strive to anathematize those things is to tell them that we do not fear you. The rulers’ cringing behavior toward their own mascots suggests that that would get them to fear us — and it’s high time for exactly that.

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  1. They need to hear it. It’s (largely) true, and it is no mercy to ignore the reality. One could argue that facing such reality is ultimately a blessing. It’s a standard practice for many personal failings – alcoholism, failure to perform up to your employer’s expectations, coming in not-first in an athletic competion, not being advanced to the next level in a chess tournament. All require a person to realize that they have not met the standard.
    The aftermath of such a confrontation with reality is to start a self-examination:
    – Was I outclassed because I am just not meant to run that race?
    – Did I fail to train hard enough?
    – Do I need to get a coach, or a better coach?
    – Did my habits contribute to my failure – poor nutrition, sleep habits, smoking, drinking, or procrastinating?
    The list could go on.
    The importance of this self-examination is to sort out the problems into two groups:
    – Those I can change
    – Those that I cannot change
    If the second list is large, or is filled with factors that would make my dream impossible, I might want to change my efforts, and find a new goal.
    How does this relate to what Gaetz said?
    Two things:
    – Overweight. You can’t change your basic genetic physique. Height, bone, tendency to put on weight in certain locations. But, you can decide to make the best of the basic body you have. That would include optimal nutrition, weightlifting to increase muscle mass (which burns more energy than fat does), increased flexibility and stamina. What body you end up with is up to you. But, most people can, with effort, improve their overall health sufficiently to move out of that obese category, and into the best body that they are able to have, without surgery.
    – Ugly. Much of that is self-imposed – tats, piercings, haircut, hair color. How you dress, whether it’s to show off your body in the best way, or to deliberately make yourself look shapeless. And, yes, that includes wearing a bra. A well-fitted one will not only look better, but also improve your posture and well-being.
    That takes me to the last part of ugly. A lot of women (and some men) look ugly, because they constantly have ugly expressions on their face. Over time, it will carve lines that accentuate that form of ugliness. A pleasant expression makes you seem approachable and friendly. OTOH, a sour expression drives people off.
    That ugly can be caused by an ugly temperament or personality. It wouldn’t kill them to read How to Win Friends and Influence People (still one of the best introductions to basic-level social interactions).
    So, lighten up, ‘ladies’. Gaetz may have done you a solid in telling you the unvarnished truth. Learn from it, and your life will likely get better – much better.

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