The Weather Channel one-note ukulele.

Climate change hysteria time again, folks.

8/3/22 — “New Climate Change Study Predicts Timeline For Next Mass Extinction.”

It’s the big one, Elizabeth.

8/2/22 — “UK Heat Wave ‘Extremely Unlikely’ Without Climate Change, Scientists Say.”

“An analysis by the World Weather Attribution initiative found climate change made the event 10 times more likely.”

7/31/22 — “Beaver Dams Helping To Mitigate Severity Of Climate Change.”

Nuff said.

7/30/22 — “WHO Has A Climate Change Message For Your Mayor.”

“Here’s what local leaders should do to help their communities take action on climate change.”

7/30/22 — “Can Slowly Evolving Penguins Survive Climate Change?

Ok. Now I’m REALLY worried.

7/29/22 — “Congress Considering New Climate Bill – Here’s What It Could Do.”

Climate change mitigation, tax credits, more energy-efficient vehicles.

7/28/22 — “US To Plant 1.2 Billion Trees.”

Forests fight climate change by storing CO2 and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

7/26/22 — “Beloved Air Conditioning Comes At Big Cost.”

“The heat wave encompassing much of the country is leading to widespread use of air conditioning, which puts a strain on energy grids and leads to more greenhouse gas emissions.” And we know what happens when there are greenhouse gas emissions. Don’t we?

7/26/22 — “How Climate Change Makes Floods Like In St. Louis More Likely.”

“Climate change is making floods, like the one in St. Louis, more likely.”

7/8/22 — “Fin Whale Populations Recovering From Near- Extinction.”

And there’s a bigger environmental impact here because the recovery of fin whales in the area could help restore an ecosystem that’s crucial for controlling carbon in the atmosphere.

6/13/22 — “Taxing Cow Burps?

Taxing farmers for methane emissions” will help New Zealand reach their “long-term climate goals.” Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That sort of thing.

6/13/22 — “Two Major Antarctic Glaciers May Be Melting Faster Than Any Time in Past 5,000 Years.”

The earth continues to warm so what do you expect?

6/7/22 — “The Alps Are Losing Snow and Becoming More Green.”

Culprit = climate change. Seriously.

6/6/22 — “Average Summer Temps Have Increased Since 1970.”

Climate Central is on it. Temps rising. (Cue video of coal trucks, gas flares, belching smokestacks.) “Extreme heat is becoming more common due to climate change.” And that’s due to such things as fossil fuel burning and deforestation. Not looking good.

6/3/22 — “Federal Government Seeks Tougher Building Codes to Respond to Climate Change.”

“Experts say coastal communities should brace themselves for more intense storms as a result of climate change.”

6/3/22 — “2020 Hurricanes Were Stronger Because of Climate Change.” That would be climate change being considered. As being involved.

6/1/22 — “Number of Intense Hurricanes Could Double in the Next 30 Years.”

“Researchers found that warmer ocean waters due to climate change will fuel more Category 3 and higher storms.”

6/1/22 — “Back-to-Back Landfalls To Become More Frequent, Faster.”

Communities getting less time between hurricanes. “That’s getting more likely as the world warms.”

6/1/22 — “Tropical Cyclones Could Hit Northeast More Often, Says Study.”

“A new study using satellite observations and simulations found that the Northeast could see impacts from tropical storms and hurricanes in the future due to global warming.”

6/1/22 — “France Waters Green Spaces With Swimming Pool Water to Combat Drought (PHOTOS).”

“France’s drought comes as areas across the world have seen severe drought worsened by climate change over the last several years.”

5/31/22 — “Archaeologists Work Furiously To Study Ancient City Revealed by Drought in Iraq.”

Extreme drought a result of climate change.

5/3/22 — “Where Tornadoes Strike Most Frequently Is Changing.” By Ally Hirschlag.

22 videos in today’s list. 118 videos in all previous lists.

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For some perspective, see also “From ice age to global warming – the climate doom-mongers’ swift about-turn.” By Ivor Williams, The Conservative Woman, 4/26/22. It’s well worth reading even if you’re not a conservative woman.

And Prince William gets it about messaging:

Prince William Praises TV Writers For Inserting Climate-Change ‘Programming’ Into Shows.” ZeroHedge, 5/10/22. Isn’t he “the good one”?


    • Dusty on August 6, 2022 at 12:53 AM

    If it wasn’t for political theater there would be more peace and harmony in this world. May the next day be a blessed one.

    1. We will make no headway if every last public word or deed is evaluated according to the “inequality” involved. The inequality resulting from effort and self control is much despised.

      There’s no escaping the political theater and the facts be damned. Everything now has a layer of propaganda, lies, or hype that cannot be penetrated. Public debate and analysis has only one authorized end result. The last US plane from Afghanistan had hardly lifted off but that we were oiling up the tank treads and rocket launchers for a noble effort in Ukraine to defend the Jewel of Central Europe in all its democratic excellence. Against The Evil Russians, of course. End of discussion. Pour on the gas.

      A bit all over the place but your central point about political theater is correct. There’s a script known as We Are Wonderful and the actors just say their lines. The chief one being, “Do it our way or we’ll kill you.”

      As I said after the collapse of the Soviet Union, “We’ll long for the stark realities of the Cold War.” I really said that. Since then we’ve slithered all over the landscape like a car with a broken steering mechanism. Revitalization of the Constitution, honest elections, sealing the border, deporting millions of invaders, calling out black failure to thrive — strengstens verboten. The only acceptable default for patriots is feebleness. More than that and you’ll get the Assange/Jones/Ruby Ridge/Waco/1/6/Gaddafi/Serbia treatment.

    • Dusty on August 7, 2022 at 1:33 AM

    I agree with you totally. To see through the theater and know there is another I can identify with is a boon. We probably passed in a briefing or  in an aircraft somewhere. As a patriot we always look for more than front page. Keep writing an I’ll keep enjoying the message.

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