An Interesting Assertion

     And from a really interesting source:

     “Putting people’s lives at risk,” eh? Which people? The illegal aliens, or the residents of the areas to which Abbott and DeSantis are sending them? Who is in danger from whom? Would you care to expand along those lines, Miss Black Lesbian Immigrant White House Press Secretary?

     This is why we have the maxim that “Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever.” Karine-Jean Pierre is about as hopeless a specimen as has ever stood behind a lectern…and she doesn’t even realize it, so pleased is she about having been chosen to be the Usurpers’ Designated Diversity Spokesman.

     The residents of Martha’s Vineyard didn’t seem to feel threatened by the Florida Forty-Eight. They simply didn’t want to deal with them. The illegals didn’t seem to feel threatened by the residents. Indeed, they appeared pleased to be in one of the Northeast’s premier beauty spots. I can’t say the same for those flown to New York City, Chicago, or Philadelphia. But then, DeSantis did target Rehoboth Beach with his next planeload, so perhaps there’s something missing from the reportage.

     The Usurpers are implementing a small variation on the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The illegal alien influx will surely bankrupt public services wherever they concentrate. Moreover, the states along the southern border are “red states” – predominantly politically conservative – and thus make juicy political targets for the Usurpers. The weak point in the strategy is that the governments of those states are indisposed to sit still and take it. The Abbott / DeSantis maneuvers are laying the Usurpers’ scheme bare for the scrutiny of the entire country.

     I don’t expect the Usurpers to sound a retreat. They’re too committed to their goal – a one-party state – and they find the illegals an excellent weapon with which to flail the Republican Party. If there’s a way to defeat them, it lies in making their supporters suffer the brunt of the policies they support. While it appears that the Martha’s Vineyard stroke didn’t do anything to the island’s local treasury, and apparently didn’t change the opinions of the left-liberal residents, it has done something else: it’s revealed the Left’s hypocrisy about its border policy and its pious “sanctuary community” claims.

     The Left’s ripostes to this point have been feeble. The one depicted above – that the Abbott / DeSantis relocations are “putting lives in danger” – needs to be flogged quite as severely as the Left’s previous hypocrisies. Let’s hope there are figures in the GOP that prove ready, willing, and able to address the need.

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    • jwm on September 22, 2022 at 11:57 AM

    The purpose in hiring this ridiculous golliwog is humiliation. “Howdoya like these apples, whitey? See who’s in charge now? It ain’t you.



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