Take A Chance. Columbus Did.

I’ve tried over and again to come up with a warning that would have real effect. But time and again few others have been willing to speak of the mounting dangers and decrease the numbers who walk around wearing blinders. I no longer care that I am dismissed as a crank. The decency that I feel compelled to exhibit for my fellow man demands that I not fall silent. It would be wonderful to hear that there many more who feel the same way; that the past is truly no indicator of future reactions.

A late warning from 2009.

A pilot program, also called a feasibility study or experimental trial, is a small-scale, short-term experiment that helps an organization learn how a large-scale project might work in practice.

The ever quick on spotting the upshot, (retired) blogger Joan of Argghh! was the first to comment. “I’ll take ‘Rules For Radicals’ for $500, Alex.”

We’ve permitted the radicals to gain the upper hand as the video below firmly demonstrates.

I do not know what more needs be said. Evidently the sheep wander about oblivious to their “shepherds” openly planning out how to cull the herd. They are lost causes.

But what of the men? They don’t seem to be actively counter-planning how to overturn such plans. I can understand their fear of the secret police, but those forces, both official and unofficial, have attacked many of us with impunity already, so what’s the diff?

And what of those who claim to have faith in Divine Providence? Do they really believe that realm will look favorably on them for waiting for Heaven to bail them out? It sure seems so. More is the pity. For when we scorn those misled sheep for their naïvety, refusing the role of faithful shepherd, or even that of sheepdog, what mercy ought we expect for ourselves? Mercy can be obtained, but usually it must be earned by passing one test or another. Even the Divine faiths place requirements.

You see, such scorn mirrors that of those who aim for the destruction of all of us. Refusing to even try to save the herd is tantamount to refusing to save ourselves. One man, alone, can’t do it. Maybe one or two, with Heaven’s blessing can. But for sure, the large numbers that we less privileged comprise far outstrips the cowards depicted in the video above. We merely lack courageous leaders who have no connection to the WEF.

Take a chance. Columbus did.


    • Dan on November 20, 2022 at 2:11 AM

    It’s far past time to talk and well into the time to do.   And NOT talk about what you will do.
    The glowies have ears and informers everywhere.  As for ‘divine providence’.  Just because
    the Lord gave you a shovel doesn’t mean he expects you to lean on it and pray for a hole to
    magically appear.  Start digging.  Remember, we are several decades beyond that awkward
    phase Ms. Claire Wolfe spoke of. 

    1. Yes, Don’t speak of it. But certainly point out what Solzhenitsyn told us: how those in the gulag realized, too late, what they should have done when the state came for each of them. It’s a worthy challenge.

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